Letters - November 13, 2015

Blackpool's Central Library can meet all your needs, according to Derek Edginton
Blackpool's Central Library can meet all your needs, according to Derek Edginton
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Something for all at the Central Library

Fed up with cafes that play loud music? Then try the Central Library Cafe in Queen Street, Blackpool.

You will be served, hot and cold snacks and drinks, by a lovely friendly lady called Anne, in peaceful, colourful surroundings, good value too ie cheese on toast for only £2.50, also on hand papers, magazines, computers and yes books, all free. Need the toilet, they are free, need to post a letter there is a pillar box outside – and finally need to look for work, the Job Centre is opposite.

Derek Edginton

Hesketh Avenue



Put the frighteners on trick of treaters

Halloween calls at houses should be restricted to neighbours or family of the children concerned.

I had 19 calls within an hour, all from total strangers in groups of two or three. Such a number of calls can be distressing to the elderly, the unwell and dog owners.

Trick or treat is an American import, and if I had my way it would go back there. November 5 is another date which is dreaded by many people living in Blackpool’s residential areas.

Ian Jackson

Park Road



Happy memories 
of Blackpool

I have happy memories of Blackpool. My gran came to live in Blackpool in the 1940s just of Central Drive. I have happy memories of Blackpool as a child in the 1960s.

Years later my family moved away from Blackpool. Then Central Drive became known as Little Scotch Drive.

Sindy Canham

Preston Road



Help our feathered friends in winter

With dropping temperatures and shorter daylight hours, please remember the birds who visit your garden and have given us so much pleasure throughout the spring and summer.

They need to spend all of the daylight hours feeding in order to keep their little bodies warm through the long cold nights.

You can help our feathered friends achieve this by ensuring there is always fresh food and water available for them. If you do not have a bird table or tree in our garden, then seed holders, fat balls and bags of peanuts can be hung on your washing line and will be safely out of reach from cats.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue



Such good care at Blackpool Victoria

Having recently spent several days on ward 34 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, I feel that I need to express my gratitude for such excellent care I received whilethere.

Every member of staff were so kind, caring and respectful, not only to myself, but to the elderly, frail patients in my ward.

Nothing was too much trouble for any of them, and they spoke and cared for each of us with the utmost respect. Spending time feeding some frail patients and making sure they had their warm drinks regularly.

We often hear such negative comments about care in the NHS, but I feel that these wonderful people, who work so hard and who are so committed to what they do, deserve to have their dedication publicly acknowledged in the pages of The Gazette.

Julie Haynes

Edmonton Place