Letters - November 13, 2013

The Talbot Road multi-storey car park
The Talbot Road multi-storey car park
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Talbot Road car park

Trade gone

Well done Blackpool Council for a shiny new car park on Talbot Road.

But who is going to park in it and why?

Wilkinson’s, across the way, has its own car park for customers, and the council offices next to it have got their new big car park being built.

The new Sainsbury’s has a massive car park being built.

Will it be for the people going to the shops in Cookson Street?

Well the picture in The Gazette on the same day (November 7) shows only empty shops and massage parlours.

There is Talbot Road itself of course, but from Abingdon Street to Dickson Road you’ve again got empty 
properties and charity shops. And then Topping Street – what big, well known shops have we got there? None.

Sorry, the car park will do nothing for trade in this part of Blackpool.

Please don’t say, well there’s going to be shops built underneath the car park – one day?

The area is derelict, after 7pm it is a ghost town.

I’ve a small pub on Talbot Road. My trade from three years ago has died.

Sorry Blackpool Council, you’re doing nothing for me and many others in that area.



Talbot Road


My friend needs NHS help

No funds

I have a very dear friend who has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

She has managed to cope for a long time with the help of her family and carers.

Alas her condition has deteriorated and her family, with the best will and love in the world, can no longer give her the care she deserves.

She needs help with most things now.

A hoist to help her shower and to go to the toilet needs two people. She cannot move without help. She cannot move from the bed to a chair without help.

She has gone into a nursing home. She is well cared for there but it is very 

My friend has applied for the subsidy ‘Continuance of Care’ to help with the nursing home fees and relieve the family of some of the financial burden.

This subsidy is not means tested.

She has been refused.

The Motor Neurone Disease nurse has written in support of her claim, stating exactly how much extra care her patient 
requires. This has made no difference.

It would seem one has to be at death’s door to qualify for this help.

Maybe the NHS only agree to help with funds if they know they do not have to pay out for very long.

My friend has bravely borne this dreadful illness and her family have been unrelenting in their care for her.

Should she not now have a little financial help to ease the burden for them all?

Joan Bithell

Lockwood Avenue


Service spoiled by music

Switch off

I attended the memorial parade at the Blackpool Cenotaph on Sunday and the service was spoiled for many of the people there by the North Pier playing loud pop music from their loud speakers.

I had just recently found that my grandfather, who had no known grave, was commerated in the roll of honour and I had travelled from County Durham to pay my respects to his memory and to take a video for my relatives.

The service was almost drowned out by Daniel O’Donnell music being played on the pier tannoy, which 
ruined my video sound track and distressed many of the people near me in the large crowd.

The music was turned off for the two minute’s silence but commenced imediately after.

Surely out of respect they could turn the music off for a couple of hours on one day out of the year.

Alf Coles


Charity garage sales


Once again I have come to the end of a very successful summer season of charity garage sales here on Archer’s 

The total raised this year is £3,500.

On behalf of the many charities that have benefited from the sales money, I would like to thank all my friends, old and new, who have donated so many wonderful items to sell.

Also, I must thank all the people who came down the drive looking for, and mostly getting, bargains.

The Gazette Letters Page needs to be thanked for printing my letters asking for items to sell.

Since the sales began in 2003, I have raised £20,000.

Lastly, a thank you to all my helpers – Bernie, Gail, Caroline, Peggy and Gill.

Without them the sales would not have been so successful.

Everything is packed away waiting for next spring.

Already items are being donated,

So here’s looking forward to the 2014 sales!

Sue Ashton

Archers Farm

Peel Road