Letters - November 13, 2012

Road closures causing havoc
Road closures causing havoc
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NOW the holiday season is over do Blackpool Council not think local people need to get around the town?

Every time I need to go somewhere there is either a road closure, traffic light upgrade, roads being dug up, temporary traffic lights – the list is endless.

Yes, the repairs need doing but why carry them out everywhere in the town at the same time?

To top it all, the majority of the Houndshill car park is closed for repairs.

Is it any wonder there are empty shops in the town centre when nobody can get in to the centre to shop, and if they can there’s nowhere to park.

Come on Blackpool Council get your act together and sort the town out.


Rossington Avenue,


I WOULD like to thank everyone who has helped plant more than 1,500 daffodil bulbs throughout Anchorsholme over the last four weeks.

Despite some poor weather at times, the Friends of Eastpines Park along with grandparents, parents and children have all helped plant over 1,500 daffodil bulbs at the following locations: Eastpines Park, the Welcome to Anchorsholme garden on Anchorsholme Lane, the flower beds along Huntingdon Road and the half barrel planters on Rockville Avenue.

Special thanks should also go to Willows Florist, The Friends of Eastpines Park and the Blackpool Environmental Action Team (BEAT) who helped pay for the bulbs and we are hoping come the spring, Anchorsholme will be well on the way to becoming what we have long envisioned for it and that is for it to be the “Garden of Blackpool”.


Councillor for 

WHY do cyclists insist on cycling on the main carriageway on Queensway, St Annes, when there is a perfectly good cycle lane running alongside the road?

All they manage to do is cause a queue of traffic behind them which cannot get past, while putting themselves in danger.

It just seems totally illogical not to use the cycle lane.


I AGREE with everything Steve Caravan said in his column about Ian Holloway (Gazette November 8).

He was a breath of fresh air at our club and we all enjoyed a fantastic three years together which can never be taken away.

We all knew at some point Ollie would leave but as you say, quite a lot of fans are ‘miffed’ at the way he left.

Wouldn’t it have been better if he had delayed his departure until after the Derby game?

He could have taken charge of the game, said goodbye to his players and also the fans who had made the journey to Derby.

Instead he chose to drop Steve Thompson, the players and travelling fans who made the journey, only a matter of hours before the game.

Karl took a risk at the time bringing him here but from day one the staff, players and fans have been 100 per cent behind him.

The way in which he left was disrespectful to this club and all associated with it.

I will look back with pride at his achievements but always have a sour taste at the manner of his departure.



ON Saturday I found myself pulled over by the police on Clifton Drive, near Pontin’s. The signs exclaimed ‘police training’.

Within moments of stopping I was cautioned for not having my insurance documents with me. I explained there was no legal requirement to carry these with me, and the officer confirmed this but said the caution must stand.

I’ve never been cautioned in my life, but now I’ve been cautioned for NOT breaking the law.

He followed this up saying I had to produce my documents within seven days.

I nominated Lytham police station, but on travelling there found it closed to the public. A drive down the coast to St Annes finds the police station closed on Mondays. So onwards to Blackpool South police station only to find it too is closed.

So now do I risk Bonny Street, the extra petrol and the inevitable parking problems or will it too have some notice on the door denying me access.

Time was pressing, petrol expensive, the inconvenience great and the risk of yet another denial of entry high, so I gave up.

I have all my documents but am unable to gain access to the police to present them. Inconveniencing law abiding motorists unnecessarily is not the best way to improve public relations.

Can I encourage everyone to vote and vote wisely in the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Let’s make sure that somebody is putting pressure on the police to spend their budget a little more appropriately.