Letters - November 12, 2015

Public toilets on the promenade near North Pier Blackpool'Scene of an attack on and robbery of an 80 year old woman
Public toilets on the promenade near North Pier Blackpool'Scene of an attack on and robbery of an 80 year old woman
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BHS will lose sales from toilet changes

I write in reference to the letter in The Gazette re the toilet facilities in BHS (Your Say, November 7).

As I suffer from a medical problem that requires frequent use of such facilities, I go into BHS when I am in Blackpool, and on most occasions, I have made purchases on the way out, especially as the gents’ department is close to the toilets.

I have purchased jackets, trousers and fleeces, which I would not have bought had I not been passing through.

Now I no longer have a reason to go into BHS, such visits will cease. I am sure that I am not alone in this matter and that BHS will lose a considerable amount of footfall and sales.

The centre of Blackpool is very poorly served by any public facilities. What a shame businesses in Blackpool do not embrace the scheme used in Manchester and many other towns and cities in advertising the fact that they welcome the use of their facilities by showing a window sticker. Surely such a scheme is most beneficial in increased footfall and thereby increased sales.

R Bonham

Faringdon Avenue

South Shore


I’m going to boycott this Blackpool store

Mrs Rennie Fry, who wrote about the problem at BHS (Your Say, November 7), is completely right and correct that people can’t use the toilets at BHS because the keypad security numbers are too many, and so small, you just cannot read them.

Anyway, you have to have a receipt showing that you bought an item from BHS before you can press the miniature number buttons for the toilets.

The only toilet is at the Winter Gardens in the whole town, which will not open until 11am, if it’s open at all.

BHS should be ashamed, I certainly will not go in the store in Blackpool again!

Hope you do the same.

Mr C DeNagy

Gill Court, South Shore


Social care is facing a huge cash crisis

News that a national care home provider, with eight homes in Lancashire, is facing a cash crisis is one more indication that the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement could be disastrous for social care.

Four Seasons Health Care say they are being squeezed by a decline in fees paid by local councils and a rise in staff costs, likely to be exacerbated by the national living wage.

Meanwhile, Lancashire County Council says it is going to be near-impossible for it to meet the costs of transferring patients from Calderstones Hospital into the community.

It is good the NHS budget is reasonably secure, but it is only part of the health and care system. The other part, largely funded by local government, is anticipating swingeing cuts.

Recent regular visits to a specialist surgical ward in a Lancashire hospital revealed that many patients, some suffering from dementia were having to stay in costly NHS beds simply because there were no nursing or residential homes for them to go to.

So, Mr Chancellor, do something about this. Please do not cut local government care spending to shreds.

Please recognise the health and well-being of the nation is in your hands.

Mike Wedgeworth

Interim Chairman, Healthwatch Lancashire


Union bill would curb right to strike

Hard-pressed working people may be surprised to know the Tory government voted in by near default are quietly trying to restrict their freedom to take industrial action.

A Parliamentary bill, if forced through, will mean half of trade union members in a firm or service, trying to perhaps save their jobs, have to take part.

Should that 50 per cent vote be reached, then a majority of no less than 40 per cent has to be achieved otherwise the voting process will be void.

Readers may be surprised should such a criteria be applied to the House of Commons citizens would only have to “fork out” for 19 MPs instead of 650.

Looking locally, Tory County Councillor Alf Clempson, representing leafy Poulton Le Fylde, maybe would need to seek re-election as he only got 33.61% of the vote.

Then Coun Paul Rigby in Fylde recorded 29.53 per cent. Not forgetting Coun Geoffrey Driver, one-time leader of Lancashire County Council, who last scraped in on 27.3 per cent of those eligible to vote.—Even Boris Johnson down in London wouldn’t make it!

What hypocrisy from a group of “Old Boys” pretending to look after working people. AGAIN!

Tell your MP or SOMEONE to something about it.

Frank Martin

Dobson Rd



Is compensation mere ‘hush money’?

I have just read your article about compension to non-payers of their water bills (Gazette, November 9).

I understand “they” gave everyone the £50-£60, but I find it strange that no one mentioned the cause and who was responsible for the contamination of our water.

Was the money to keep us from knowing the truth, ie hush money?

If who is at fault is common knowledge, can United Utilities tell us?

Nigel Tucker

via email