Letters - November 12, 2014

Reemembrance Sunday at Ashton Gardens, St Annes
Reemembrance Sunday at Ashton Gardens, St Annes
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Remembrance disgrace

Lytham let down

I was one of the many hundreds who attended the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph in Ashton Gardens, St Annes, and whoever’s responsible for organising this parade should take a long, hard look at themselves!

I’ve lived in Lytham St Annes all my life and over the years have attended many, many Remembrance Day services to both celebrate and commemorate our loved 
ones who served their country.

With the ever-increasing numbers taking part since the Afghan conflict began 12 years ago, I arrived nice and early in beautiful autumn sunshine to secure a good vantage point and “order of service”.

The veterans and service members arrived, the crowd grew and the tribute began – unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get my hands on an order of service, but what happened next was inexcusable – the microphone failed!

How can such an important event not have a “back-up” plan in case of a technical fault or system failure?

Half way through, and with everyone trying their best to follow the service – the nearby café decided to turn on their very powerful extractor fan, and from that point on was all anybody could hear! Walking out of the gardens feeling genuinely frustrated by the fiasco I’d witnessed and the complete lack of respect for our heroes, I ran into a couple of ladies with piles and piles of order of services under their arms; it capped my morning! Just 48 hours earlier I was in the capital, being captivated by the 888,246 ceramic poppies at the Tower of London – to be closely followed by this shambles!

It was a catalogue of disasters, and I find it totally disrespectful to those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice – “OUR GLORIOUS DEAD” – that such a poignant day should turn out in such a way.

It was a disgrace!

Jim Gross

Address supplied

Charity thanks

Sales success

Once again I have come to the end of a successful summer season of charity garage sales here at Archers Farm.

The total raised this year, from 14 days of sales , was £5,000.

On behalf of the many charites that have benefited from the sales monies, I would like to thank all my friends, old and new, who have donated so many wonderful things to sell.

Also, I must thank all the people who came down the drive looking for, and mostly getting, bargains.

The Gazette letters page needs to be thanked too for printing my letters down the years. Lastly, I must thank my helpers, Bernie Gail, Peggy and Monika, without them the s ales would not be so successful.

Everything is packed away now waiting for next spring. here’s looking forward to the 2015 sales!

Sue Ashton

Archers Farm,


Roundabout plea

Turn lights off

How many more times do we have to listen to CounJohn Jones when he tells us ‘We listen to what people have to say’?

I would think more than 50 per cent of people want thetraffic lights at St Walburge’s roundabout turned off permanently. Waiting times there get longer and longer. I have said this before, but nothing ever gets done.

J Scholey



Hospital compassion

Well done NHS

Like so many people, I was moved to tears by the dying woman’s last wishes including wanting to say goodbye to her horse and dog.

We hear so much criticism of the NHS, but the response of staff at Wigan Infirmary in facilitating both those poignant requests of Sheila Marsh was truly fantastic.

They pulled out all the stops to make it happen, knowing that time was short, and they deserve the highest praise. They not only made this grandmother’s last hours on earth the best they could be, but they have shown that the finest traditions of nursing can surpass bureaucracy and petty health and safety rules.

This kindness was not about meeting targets or ticking boxes, it was about care and compassion, and is an example of the NHS at its best.

Louise Bours

UKIP North West MEP

Airport inconvenience

That’s business

To all those people moaning about the failure of the airport. Why are you complaining? It’s just business.

Once the land was sold off by the council that was it, people no longer have a right to have a say in what happens to the business.

Oh dear! Your cosy local flights to your Spanish holiday homes will have to be made from Manchester for a while. How inconvenient! However, I feel sorry for the staff.

The truth is that the airport, despite being a significant strategic asset to this country, was in the hands of private business, just like the railways and gas and electric services, and at the whim of market forces. Let’s not let the NHS go the same way. Once sold, it’s gone forever.

William Shaw