Letters - November 12, 2013

TALENT POOL Town Hall bosses should do more to spot the talent and do more to keep hold of its best staff says one reader
TALENT POOL Town Hall bosses should do more to spot the talent and do more to keep hold of its best staff says one reader
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Council sick record

Do better

Nobody will be surprised about the stress and pressure that is impacting Blackpool Council staff (Gazette, November 9).

I have great sympathy for those people who work in the council.

Many are ex-colleagues (I was made redundant two years ago), and to many I say ‘respect’ for the great work you do in the circumstances.

It is not as though stress only applies at times of financial restriction in the public sector.

The certainty of working in the public sector has never been so frail.

I saw colleagues so wound up by new contracts, pay reviews and reviews that emotion easily boiled over.

I supported people who were in floods of tears and others who exploded at what might seem small issues.

Frontline staff should be protected, but often, they find themselves at the sharp end of cuts.

Clearly poor management should be sought out – they are part of the decision to create those roles and jobs.

The decisions on what happens about jobs falls to senior managers, and the variability and quality of such staff can vary massively.

It shouldn’t, but it does; after all, these people are picked for their ability and professionalism, their ability to organise and develop others surely?

Not always. A poor manager can easily create an environment where staff can feel uncertain, alone and certainly where morale can suffer.

Where multiple long stretches of illness emerge, and are stress related, shouldn’t there be checks?

Pressure can be put on staff to deliver impossible demands without the resources to cope, managers can fail to understand the very processes put in place to protect the staff and promises can be made and broken.

It is not as if others do not know these things happen - but if they see some getting away with things, how can staff have faith in the systems?

Of course there is concern. Not even the unions can help.

Blackpool shouldn’t be happy with its record – it should be trying to beat records throughreal change, not target driven.

Show the people of Blackpool that you recognise real talent.

Keeping hold of the good people is difficult if you don’t really know who they are!

John Rudkin

Folkestone Road

St Annes

Royal British Legion


The North and East Lancs County of the Women’s Section of the Royal British Legion is holding its annual conference at the New Waters Community Centre, Kensington Avenue, Cleveleys, on Saturday, November 23, at 1.30pm.

This year is our 65th anniversary and we are honoured our guest speaker is Wendy Bromwich, JP, our national chairman.

The Mayor and Mayoress Coun and Mrs Hodgkinson have also accepted our invitation to attend.

The RBL county chairman and the RBL county treasurer will also be prsent along with our regional representatives on the central committee at the HQ in London.

Our county president Mrs Joan Porter is retiring from the presidency after 17 years and our new president will be appointed on that day.

So you can see, it will be a special day for us.

Our guest speaker Mrs Bromwich is a Lancashire lass even though now she lives near York.

Her brother Coun Forsyth was a former Mayor of Wyre and one of his charities in his year of office was the Women’s Section.

The Women’s Section raises money to help the wives, widows and families of ex-service personnel and are one of the mainstays of helping with the Poppy Appeal.

Any readers who would be interested in learning more about our organisation are welcome to attend.

Judith A. Van Boyd

County Publicity Offier


Floral displays

Class act

I felt compelled to write after visiting both Lytham and St Annes on several occasions this year.

The towns have been so well looked after, it’s no surprise to read of their in bloom prizes.

The volunteers and council workers who toil in Ashton Gardens, Lowther Gardens, and the rest of the area’s open spaces have worked wonders and created an area of outstanding beauty.

My wife and I always marvel at the floral displays in the two towns.

Not only are they beautiful, they add a touch of class and help bring a sense of tranquillity to the bustling busy streets.

Gordon Fowler


Sewer repairs needed


I was pleased to read United Utilities is carrying out wholescale repairs to many of Blackpool’s sewers (Gazette, November 11).

It makes sense to do a thorough job like this, rather than to wait for a sewer to collapse with all the disruption that brings.

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