Letters - November 11, 2017

Drones are already being used in some areas
Drones are already being used in some areas
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Solution needed to avoid new wasted generation

Across all wards, in all council estates, you will find people striving for a better future, trying to claw their way out of working poverty.

Too many people are seeking too few jobs, but the fact remains industries are being phased-out through automation.

This simply means that workers ‘will’ be replaced by machines (self-serve checkouts, drone deliveries, online supermarkets).

This is nothing new and has happened throughout industrial history.

Therefore there’s two very achievable options we can choose.

We can encourage new start-ups through condition-free grants or start encouraging any growing industry that still relies on people (such as electric vehicles, renewable technology, cycling culture, NHS).

Unfortunately our Government seems too focused on denying these.

Either way solutions must be found or we will be facing another generation of wasted potential, maybe the ‘Universal Basic Income” could help avoid this? At the very least, these are worth a try.

Jaimes Lewis Moran

Member of Green Party


We need library more than ever

It has been over six months since the local elections.

Many people like myself voted for councillors who promised to reopen the library in Lytham.

Sadly we have been let down and feel a little cheated.

The news that St Annes library will not be open for a year at least is sad to hear.

I did ask that the very important local history documents be moved to Lytham as they are unique and cannot be replaced if damaged.

I was told the following by the Head of Libraries, Museums, Culture and Registrars at Lancashire County Council that: “In August we had to leave St Annes library as a health and safety requirement due to structural issues with the building and on the advice of our building surveyors. The building has been off limits since then as specialist work is continuing to resolve the problem.”

Lytham has a very large empty library, where Lytham Heritage still has the archives and we are lucky to be able to stay open each Wednesday afternoon. We are getting more visitors than ever wanting to use our internet.

If the councillors kept to their promise, the people of Lytham would not have to fight for something that was originally a gift, by the people for the people.

Lytham needs a library more than ever now that the one in St Annes has gone.

Fylde Borough Council please do the right thing and open for Christmas like you promised!

David Hoyle

Archivist of Lytham


Administration was very slick

I want to publicly commend Virgin Trains Mobility Assistance for its slick administration.

Last week I was travelling down to London and had booked with them to be met at Euston by a buggy to take me to the taxi rank.

In the event, all southbound trains were stopped at Rugby because of an incident between there and London.

As a result, there was a change of trains at Rugby, Coventry and Leamington Spa, to arrive in London at Marylebone. At each of these three intermediate stations, there was a wheelchair waiting to effect my transfer. This avoided what could have been a nightmare for me.

As a past chairman of the Institute of Administration Management (long ago!), I know what slick administration is. This was slick administration.

Neil Inkley

Address supplied


Rudderless Government

Since this Government’s disastrous results in June’s General Election, things appear to be going from bad to worse and, without doubt, it has been severely weakened as a result and its misfortunes continue by the day.

Now we have had two senior Cabinet Ministers resign within a week and, as there may be more to follow due to various allegations, it seems it is now rudderless.

It is time to get a grip of the situation.

I would suggest a Cabinet reshuffle to bring in fresh talent, to stop in-fighting and get on with what we pay them for – governing the country.

If they fail, it will spell disaster for the country and be likely to halt Brexit.

Philip Griffiths

via email