Letters - November 11, 2014

Cuadrilla site on Anna's Road , Westby.
Cuadrilla site on Anna's Road , Westby.
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generous gift

Donation given at Remembrance show

At the conclusion the Northern Festival of Remembrance show at the Marine Hall a lady approached me, among the melee of people saying how well the event had gone.

She offered me an envelope as a gift to my chosen charity (Trinity Hospice and Brian House) saying she had just lost her father and it was a little something from his estate.

I took the envelope and thanked her but in the confusion failed to get her name properly.

When I got home I casually opened the envelope to find £200.

Could I use your newspaper to thank her properly for such a generous gift.

Ron Shewan 
(Mayor of Wyre)

Councillor Pharos ward

Shale gas impact

Significant battle

Is there anyone in Lancashire who can agree with Cuadrilla’s view that a fracking site at Roseacre Wood in the very centre of the Fylde will have no significant impact?

Apart from the obvious visual shock of a 52 metre drilling rig, there is the 24 hours a day drilling, the merciless lighting and the danger which will be introduced into the already hazardous rural roads (scene of a road traffic accident only last Thursday night, 30th October).

All in an area with little background noise, little light pollution and lots of use of the Fylde’s country lanes by walkers, cyclists and horse owners.

Four and half thousand pages were required by Cuadrilla agents Arup to try to convince Lancashire County Council that all of this did not add up to disaster for residents, for visitors and for the future credibility of planning.

Although it is argued ( by Cuadrilla!) that the specific two hectares of land are the only two hectares which will do, common sense (and the vast expanse of Bowland shale) suggest that the site was picked to test the council’s capacity to scrutinise the planning applications.

Given all the factors which scream that this is madness (no access to main roads, bang in between two villages, in the middle of an area where noise, light and nuisance will combine with roads which make movement of any sort hazardous) Cuadrilla persist in stating that everything can be managed because there’s nothing there that really matters!

The recent Health Impact Assessment did nothing to investigate all the concerns about the process of fracking which has had only one disastrous outing in Britain (at Preese Hall in Singleton in 2011) but has been ruinous in the vast lands of the United States and Australia.

Even so, there are massive issues highlighted. In a report littered with issues it concluded “the risks are particularly prominent for residents living near the Roseacre Wood site...” This contrasts with Arup which delights in the use of phrases like “no adverse community effects” and “no significant visual impact” and “it would be inappropriate to design target noise levels provided by the World Health Organisation”. So, that’s OK!

Blackpool, Lancashire and the rest of the country which sits on top of shale gas should be mindful that if planning policies, planning officials and councillors fail to protect the likes of Roseacre Wood absolutely nowhere is safe .

You owe it to yourself as well as to your neighbours to contact the councillors of the Development Management Committee at County Hall in Preston to urge them to see this moment for what it is.

Letting the energy companies take care of our future will make the bankers look responsible.

Barry Warner


Bet on a racecourse

Airport to races

Here’s an idea. What about a racecourse at Blackpool Airport (history repeating itself).

There could be a heli-pad for the jockeys/trainers/owners and there are ample car park facilities. The nearest racecourse is Haydock and I’m sure tourists would combine a day at the races with the myriad of opportunities which Blackpool as a resort has to offer.

Carol Anderson

Harold Avenue


Praise for hospital

Thanks to the Vic

​I recently was admitted to Blackpool Victoria hospital on IC then HDU.

I would like to say how caring the staff were and they worked so hard.

Blackpool Victoria gets a lot of negative write ups but mine is positive.

Sylvia Tilley


Remembrance Day

Great tribute

Congratulations to all involved with the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph. What a turn-out what a tribute. Marvellous.

E Cuerden