Letters - November 10, 2014

Parking mad According to reader Geoff Race, the one-way system and the volume traffic coming into Blackpool created havoc on the roads around Central Car Park
Parking mad According to reader Geoff Race, the one-way system and the volume traffic coming into Blackpool created havoc on the roads around Central Car Park
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One-way traffic system is a ‘failure’

Queues for car park


It must have been obvious with the mild weather continuing, that we were due to have an exceptional half-term week and the trams would be busy.

There must surely have been time to plan accordingly.

But it is not just the management of the trams that need attention.

On leaving Blackpool, down Yeadon Way, I was astounded to see the amount of traffic attempting to drive into Blackpool.

The queue was from the end of Yeadon Way to Central Drive, and this entailed several hundred cars and people.

There was no traffic management in place, and all the traffic was attempting to park in the Central Car Park, which was full.

The only way out is to exit onto Central Drive. The new one-way system is a failure as it is now difficult to enter Central Drive, and also attempt to leave Coronation Street to enter Central Drive.

The only traffic control in place was a ‘car park full’ sign on the Central Car Park, by which time it is too late.

What is needed, and most forward thinking towns have these in place, are indicator boards showing the parking spaces available in all sections of the parking areas, from South Shore to Central.

It must be very frustrating for visitors trying to visit Blackpool and find this chaotic system in place.

At the very least, surely the traffic wardens could be tasked to help on these busy periods?

Geoff Race

Queens Road

St Annes

Consulted on transport


The members of the Blackpool Transport Passenger User Panel are working hard to improve the ‘travel experience’ for bus and tram users in Blackpool; not an easy task given the financial, demographic and geographic elements affecting our town.

We undertake various mystery shopping exercises, and also advise where appropriate on service matters, on the basis that, as regular users, we know the extreme variance of passenger loads.

The autumn half-term holiday proved to be a massive boost to Blackpool, with visitor levels at a high which beat expectations.

But that has its downside, given the fact of packed trams and buses, which at up to 75 per cent of the year is not to the same level.

The cry for more trams to relieve loads comes after comments only four years ago, when a lot of Blackpool people, and some in the authority, were saying that it was not even needed and investment was a waste.

For the panel who do know matters in some depth, the extra cost of more trams, which would sit barely used for a large part of the year, is a burden which would be rightly criticised in times when money is not just tight, but is being cut.

Our work identifies route discrepancies and issues concerning timings, and we know our input is not just listened to, but is adopted.

Stephen Brookes


Blackpool Transport Passenger User Panel

Wurlitzer magic


Sunday, November 2 at the Opera House in Blackpool presented the restored version of the 1927 Fritz Lang film Metropolis, with organ accompaniment by Donald Mackenzie, the resident organist at the Odeon Leicester Square, London.

The performance was out of this world!

Mr Mackenzie had you sat with amazement when seeing the incredible Machine sequence.

Then sobbing with tears as one of the characters died after being knifed.

But the best was yet to come, with the massive chase sequence at the end of the film, and as the organ thundered out during the terrifying cathedral fight sequence you were on the edge of your seat as the hero fought one of the villains high up in the cathedral.

Donald Mackenzie’s film fitting with the Wurlitzer was superb and well done to that 75- year-old organ – three hours flew by.

I have only one criticism, certainly not of the film, theatre staff or the music.

The Opera House is a gorgeous 1939 vintage art-deco treasure so please, oh please, use your curtains to cover the screen when not in use.

The Opera House isn’t a faceless multiplex, it has pizzazz, so use it Mr Chief Operator please!

Finally can we have a Chaplin double-bill with Donald Mackenzie at the organ? Well done Opera House, but use your curtains – its called ‘gift-wrapping’.

Bob Milner


No room on footpaths

Space to walk

There is not enough room on some footpaths in Cleveleys, what with cafes having seating outside, and shops putting merchandise outside.

I’ve talked to a few people with wheelchairs, unless they go in the road they can’t do any shopping.

Mrs M.Riding

East Pines Drive