Letters - November 1, 2017

Roman Catholics protest at the Preston New Road fracking site

Sound handling of fracking protest issue

In Question Time at last Thursday’s meeting of Lancashire County Council the cabinet member for Environment, economic development and planning, County Coun Michael Green, took questions from five county councillors on the issue of fracking at the site on Preston New Road.

He was asked if the activities of Cuadrilla met the planning conditions and had there been any breaches of consent. In his reply County Coun Green reported that there had been 182 complaints which had been fully investigated and the appropriate response given. He reported that in the majority of cases no breach had occurred and in the small number of breaches the impact had been minor and temporary.

Coun Green went on to say that the legally granted consent given to Cuadrilla to carry out fracking on the site had brought about significant number of protesters. The activities of these protesters, 80 per cent of whom do not live in the area, led to 282 arrests and 264 charges brought over a period of six months, with worst period being in July.

He felt that the damage to the public purse and the decrease in trade to local businesses was very serious and felt that the protesters should be very ashamed of themselves.

This forthright statement by County Coun Green is much to be applauded and demonstrates the appropriate neutrality of the Cabinet member for the environment in his dealings with this new and very welcome industry.

As a former member of Lancashire County Council, I am well aware of the pressure on senior councillors in carrying out their duties and I am very proud to associate myself with his stance on this issue.

Bernard J 
Whittle OBE

Hon. County Councillor


Don’t kick tick issue into the long grass

As you know our grass is being left to grow on our open spaces, the down side to this is ticks love long grass and climb to the peak of the stems to find a host.

The result of a tick invading your body space is or can be Lyme disease; this disease is hard to diagnose and is rare but is happening on a more frequent basic and can cause life changing problems and death at the late stages in the disease.

I strongly suggest that we trim our estate grasses to prevent this devastating malady.

Is money more important than the welfare of our people?

Robert Allen

Hawkshead Terrace


Rail plan to secure £85bn of benefits

Rail is fundamental to Lancashire’s prosperity.

That’s why yesterday, we – the rail companies in the north – joined others from across the country to launch our plan for a changing and improving railway that will secure almost £85bn of extra economic benefits to the country, improve journeys for our customers and better connect our communities, from Blackpool to Burnley and Chorley to Carnforth.

Only this plan, delivered by a changing partnership railway, will secure the economic benefits from current investment by the public and private sectors, and enable further improvement and investment.

To get there we are making four commitments for change - for our economy, our customers, our communities and our people.

We will use these commitments to frame and guide our decision making from now on, and we will deliver - publishing a progress report every year - because the railway is so important to north’s future prosperity.

David Brown

Managing Director of Northern (Arriva Rail North)
Amanda Hines
General Manager for Virgin Trains on the west coast route
Andy Cooper
Managing Director of CrossCountry
Leo Goodwin
Managing Director of TransPennine Express
Martin Frobisher
Managing Director of Network Rail’s London North Western Route
Rob McIntosh
Managing Director of Network Rail’s London North Eastern Route
Jake Kelly
Managing Director of East Midlands Trains


Cost too high for care in homes?

Whoever suggested that patients should be transferred to homes having a spare room in order to stop ‘bed blocking’ must not have thought of the implications.

Imagine how many CRB checks would have to be done, how many people would have to be employed to make sure no abuse was taking place. The cost would be so prohibiting that it would be cheaper to rebuild the convalescent homes that were so invaluable in the past.

Not PC enough?

Hilary Andrews

Address supplied


We’ve paid for our round Mr Juncker!

What a nerve!

In a recent public pronouncement (dig) at the UK Jean-Claue Juncker had the gall to state that ‘the UK leaving the EU was like leaving the pub and not paying for your round after all others had paid for theirs’.

Is Juncker so senseless, misguided and arrogant? Surely it is not only because the UK has been paying out for lots of rounds for other countries over many years that the country voted leave?

C Watson

Address supplied

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