Letters - November 1, 2011

The Cocklepickers' launch area at Lytham.
The Cocklepickers' launch area at Lytham.
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FROM the Welsh border and the River Dee, to the northern shore of Morecambe Bay, the whole North West coast is screaming with opportunity to develop a fantastic and sustainable fishery out of shellfish.

It could provide work for the unemployed, profit for the entrepreneur, taxes for the government and much needed exports.

Instead what have we got?

A smash and grab free for all, with a devil take the hindmost, Klondike philosophy that will only result in the destruction of the fishery and possibly the death of the unwary.

All over the world it is the same story where fishing is concerned, from the grand banks in Canada to the dire condition of the North Sea cod stocks and the threat to the Blue Fin Tuna, the industry is the same, over exploitation, greed and political constipation.

In this country the foreshore belongs to the crown, ie the Government, and is far easier to police than open sea, so why not control the actions of a few by encouraging properly regulated, private enterprise to step in and create a sustainable industry for everyone’s benefit rather than just letting it rip in gold rush fashion with predictable results?



I AGREE with your correspondent that the persistent flooding near the Queensway traffic lights, in Poulton, is an unnecessary nuisance that should not be baffling Wyre engineers for so long (Letters October 26).

But is it not at the junction with Poulton Road, rather Tithebarn Street?

Perhaps the road sign was underwater when he or she passed through.


EVERY year in Blackpool, dogs are killed or seriously injured in car accidents because they were not wearing dog seat belts.

For years, many people have believed it is perfectly acceptable to have dogs moving freely within in a vehicle whilst it is on the move.

If a vehicle with unrestrained dogs is then involved in an accident the animals can be thrown through the windscreen causing death and serious injuries to both the animals, drivers and even other road users who are then caught up in the collision.

You wouldn’t let your children get away not fastening their seatbelts, so please make sure your dogs are kept safe and are buckled in with purpose built dog seatbelts.


Four Paws,