Letters - May 9, 2014

PARK LIFE Barbara Pagett, pictured here in 1998, protesting against the proposed Safeway development for Ashton Gardens, St Annes.
PARK LIFE Barbara Pagett, pictured here in 1998, protesting against the proposed Safeway development for Ashton Gardens, St Annes.
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Democracy worked


While I was the councillor for Ashton Ward, for 12 years up to 2010 , first as a Conservative and eventually for the last six years an independent, restructuring of Fylde Council was put forward.

At the time we went to the people and pushed the concept of the executive/ streamlined committee with cross party membership to be fair to all.

However, in less than the stated 12 months we were landed with a cabinet system which I did not believe was the best method for local representation of the people.

No matter how you look at it having ultimate decisions made by a small number of councillors is not democratic.

In my pre-council days when I was taking a lot of flak putting forward the majority view of the public in this town regarding the fate of Ashton Gardens, the committee system served us, the residents of The Fylde, well.

I do not think the cabinet system has treated us the same.

Had there been a cabinet system then there would be a car park on 25 per cent of Ashton Gardens and a property developer would be collecting the money from it!

There are clashes of personality between members of the cabinet and even between members of the public and a small group in power.

I feel this does not happen with the committee system.

However much it is argued that a cabinet listens to the majority I do not think this has proved the case.

Ultimately the final decision has been made by a few.

This was not what I wanted to see as a councillor.

I preferred to represent the people of Ashton Ward in the wider arena that the committee system allows and that is what I still prefer.

Mrs Barbara 

Former Independent 
councillor for Ashton ward

St Annes

We’re all deprived

That’s life

‘Deprived?’ Please, get the violin out!

How sad we all are – sad that those, who so frequently use this word to describe parts of a town, haven’t got a clue as to what it actually means.

I had six children and lived on a council estate; my brother had two children and lived in his own bungalow – this was well before the word ‘deprived,’ was used to describe people of different status so neither of us felt inferior to the other.

A traveller’s child is ‘deprived’ of education, but has a fair job by the age of 14.

The state ‘deprives’ our children of earning a living when they are 14.

If a man spends all his benefits on booze and fags, he ‘deprives’ his children of food and clothes.

Everybody is ‘deprived’ of something, that’s life, no need to harp on about it.

Roger Goodred

Charles Street


Sentence is shameful


The judge that handed out the very low sentences, to the low-life called Thomas Field, who attacked Reece Roberts for no reason at all, and left him fighting for his life, should hand his wig and gown in.

He’s brought shame and dishonour to the Law Society.

This evil Thomas Field should have got at least four years.

No wonder there’s so much crime in Britain.

Come on you judges, hand out real punishment and they won’t do it again.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road


Body shop fund-raiser

Get Wiggy!

I’m writing to appeal to your readers to get involved in The Body Shop’s ‘Get Wiggy With It’ Weekender from May 9 to 11.

Cancer in young people aged 13 to 24 is rare with around seven diagnosed every day in the UK. Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and chances of survival for these young people.

Our partners The Body Shop are supporting us by wearing wigs in-store, having lots of wiggy fun, including free make-overs and hand massages, and fund-raising.

The Body Shop will also be matching any donations made over the weekend up to £20,000 which could make a huge difference to the lives of young people with cancer.

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share the #getwiggy and photos. Visit www.teenagecancertrust.org/the-body-shop to find out more.

Siobhan Dunn

Teenage Cancer Trust Chief Executive

Boycotting shop

Halal meat

It is one thing to cater for 
minority religious practices and quite another to foist them onto the majority of 
society, as Subway are doing 
by now selling Halal 

This is the latest in a long catalogue of such insidious occurrences to force this unspeakably cruel practice on to Britain.

I for one shall be boycotting Subway from now on.



Sunningdale Drive