Letters - May 8, 2014

GREAT EVENING Basil Newby from Funny Girls
GREAT EVENING Basil Newby from Funny Girls
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Anniversary year


On Sunday, May 4, my partner and I went to see the Funny Girls Spring 2014 show.

What an absolute delight it was to see the dancers with such enthusiasm giving the performances of their lives, well disciplined, funny and looking stunning in the costumes worn for the sketches .

Zoe was as acid tongued as ever, but we wouldn’t have her any other way (It wouldn’t be Funny Girls without it).

Having said all that, we are really looking forward to the 20th anniversary show which starts on Thursday, May 22.

It comes during the year which started on a high with Basil being made an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours.

Well done to everyone involved with Funny Girls, from the main man Basil, Celia his manager, Phil his backstage manager, Zoe, all the dancers, the bar staff, the photographers and the door security staff who watch over us during the night, ensuring we all have a safe and pleasant evening’s entertainment and fun.

“You’re Simply The Best!

Adrian Sedgwick

Mirfield Grove


Leaflet was offensive


I am not a big fan of any political party, they all promise the same things and never seem to keep a promise.

But this week I got a flyer posted through the door from the BNP.

I was kind of upset to see it had a picture of a woman putting two fingers up.

My four-year-old daughter found the flyer on the floor and saw it when she picked the mail up.

It is an offensive gesture no matter who is doing it, whatever the colour or religion.

When I called them up and made a complaint that my daughter picked the mail up, all they could say was “It’s the truth and although it’s rude it’s just the truth”.

Whatever, it’s not nice to be posted a flyer of any rude gesture where a child can see it.

Michael Andrew


Windmills open days

Go along

“I’ve lived nearby for all these years and never been in!” is a statement heard in many a windmill.

Why not break the habit of a lifetime by visiting one of our local three windmills open to the public?

Next weekend, Saturday, May 10 and Sunday, May 11 are dedicated “National Mills Weekend” by the Mills Section of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, founded by William Morris.

Mills across the country are encouraged to open their doors, free if possible, to welcome curious visitors.

Here, on the Fylde, our three iconic gems will be open: Little Marton Windmill from 11am to 4pm. Lytham Windmill from 10am to 1pm, and 2pm to 4pm, Marsh Mill, Thornton, 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Get a glimpse of how corn was ground for centuries, for our staple foods such as bread and pastry.

Although none of the Fylde’s water mills have survived, examples, many grinding, are to be found to the north in Cumbria or to the south in Cheshire.

Happy mill-hunting.

Margaret Croker

Membership secretary of the North West Mills Group

Treat for music lovers

Rossall choir

Are there any music lovers in Blackpool?

If so they missed a treat when Rossall School performed their Hayden’s concert Trumpet Concerto in E flat Major expertly played by six former student.

The Nelson Mass-missa in Angustiis and Insanae et Vanae Curae.

By the soloists, choir and orchestra under the direction of that dedicated young lady Margaret Young, Director of Music who works wonders.

And may I say how nice it was on a Saturday to see a group of students come into the church to listen to the concert in their own time.

Nigel Thorne

Westminster Road


Clean up your act!

Big event

How good to hear Stanley Park is hosting Armed Forces Week on the centenary of the First World War.

I can only hope Coun John Jones shows respect to this event by allowing the forces and visitors alike to enjoy the beauty of the park by removing the Project 30 dumping area outside one of the main entrances (Gazette, April 17).

I’m sure this big event will be covered extensively by the media, so come on Blackpool Council, clean up your act!

Richard Bright

Patterdale Avenue


Parking restrictions

For access

I disagree that owners are allowed to park on H-bars outside their homes.

I have one outside my garage and I am not allowed to park on it. It is so I can gain access. There is nothing more annoying then trying to get in when someone is parked there.

Mrs P.Meakin

Grasmere Road