Letters - May 7, 2014

HIGH PRICE Is it right owners pay council tax on empty properties?
HIGH PRICE Is it right owners pay council tax on empty properties?
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Bills for empty property


My sympathy goes to the person who wrote about the excess council tax charges (Your Say, May 5).

I can certainly empathise as my wife and I are in the same situation.

Council tax, if we are honest, is an out-dated concept of revenue raising. But, given that it exists, it should be central government controlled to better use the funds and ensure fairness.

Just like that person’s letter, we are currently paying two council taxes, one for our flat and one for an empty flat, also at full rate.

Furthermore we have another flat empty which temporarily qualifies for three months exemption before it too will carry a full rate charge making three full council taxes to pay.

As each flat becomes empty it’s my opportunity to make the flats fully serviceable before taking in new tenants.

However, work takes time and money and tenants are not plentiful, we have already been paying two council taxes for a year.

It’s most likely on the best scenario we will be paying three A rated taxes (equivalent to £254 for every month of the year) for a while before one flat is ready.

This excess money could have gone to costs of refurb.

No honest thinking, intelligent and fair person could ever consider this situation to be anything less than criminal that councils can do this at all.

It is their decision to make it full rate because they are desperate for more money to misuse.

There has never been a better proof of the need to reduce powers of local authorities to ensure this kind of extreme prejudice (like the money making landlord licence scheme) is entirely eradicated.

Chris Wiseman

South Shore

Blackpool airport

Scrap fees

I agree it is good Blackpool Airport is doing well, so it is now time they scrapped the rip off £10 charge as promised, especially for passengers not parking at the airport.

This will encourage more local people to use the airport.

I know quite a few people that will not use it on principal because of this charge.

Wilf Greaves


NOW travel cards

Fund costs

I read that Coun Peter Gibson would like to do something to help reinstate the use of the NOW cards on the trams to Blackpool.

Might I suggest if he really wants to do something to help us he should put his hands in his pockets and fund some of the costs towards it!

I have read about Labour’s plan to fund the reintroduction of the free tram fares and it seems to make a lot of sense.

I am not interested in the political ‘Punch and Judy’ show, I want to see concessions reintroduced and it seems to me if Wyre council accepted Lancashire County Council’s offer to share the annual cost, they would be.

Come on Coun Gibson, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is!

Joyce Wright

Percy Street


Clarify h-bar rules!


To follow up my first letter about H -bars which raised some comments, I would like to say I had two council enforcement officers here who told me anyone can park on the H-bar with the owners permission .

The two in question at the time also disagreed with each other on the decision of issuing a ticket .

One said he could clearly see they could get out of their 60ft drive and the overhang of a couple of inches made no difference , while the other said ‘the tip of your exhaust over and I’d issue one’.

Interestingly, from the replies to my letter and the two parking officers’ information, it seems the point in my first letter of who actually knows the rules is a valid one ; as no one seems to know.

I have briefly looked into the rules relating to planning permission regarding a dropped kerb and it states you must have five metres between property and pavement ( so when you park you don’t overhang the footpath ).

I invite a member of the council to clarify the position as the rules remain unclear.

John Hill

Colchester Road


We need more like Paul

Trailer theft

I was angry to read about 
‘guerilla gardener’ Paul 
Whitehead having his trailer stolen (Gazette, May 6).

Paul is trying to give something back to the community by encouraging people to get involved in gardening.

He has even gone as far as planting vegetables in areas of public open space around 
Waterloo Road.

But at the same time he is trying to run his own business.

So what a shame to read
 that his public spiritness has been repaid by some low-
lifer stealing his bicycle 

I hope it is returned to him because we need more people like Paul who are willing to give something to their communities, not people who only want to take.

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