Letters - May 6, 2011

Let us spray for sea power
Let us spray for sea power
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FOR the past two years I have always thought that the boating pool, North Shore, should be utilised to make electricity, simply because of its situation by the sea.

The energy generated should then be placed on the National Grid and help to pay for the Illuminations, and anything over, used to subsidise the public’s electricity bills.

The power of the sea is well known and piping water from the sea on to turbines to me seems to be the way forward.

Britain is surrounded by water so it makes sense to use sea water and at the same time nuclear waste could be a problem no more.

The jobs created by placing outlets on the ridge of the sea could make Britain great again and make us self-sufficient in the power industry, not for fat cats but to subsidise our health service and pensions.


Marsden Road

South Shore

We normally stay in Blackpool three or four times a year – we stay in the North Shore area. Because of the roadworks we have not stayed at all this year – and we will not do – until the Promenade is clear.


As a hotelier I fully sympathise with these people, but believe that ALL businesses in Blackpool have and will continue to suffer, due to the bad publicity that this council has created through its inane actions and attitude.


the unprecedented Promenade works have affected many businesses. And whether it be hotels, shops, stalls or bars, the digging, dust and noisy wagons are a major put-off.

The council wants the seafront to be of a better standard, I agree this is good news, but it’s a catch-22 situation, businesses need the trade to improve their premises, the local authority needs to support those who have been affected by the Promenade closures and business rates, in fairness, should be adjusted by the Valuation Office accordingly.

Stephen Pierre

well, according to all the reports I’ve heard on the radio and seen elsewhere, Blackpool was bursting at the seams over Easter, with thousands and thousands of tourists, so what’s this all about?


Why not use the quiet time to get the paint cans out and upgrade ready for the crowds?

I do sympathise with the hoteliers but can’t help thinking that when all the work is done, will they offer to pay extra business rates for the increase in trade or donate more to the Illuminations fund?

aussie martyn