Letters - May 5, 2011

SUCH FUN: North Pier royal wedding event
SUCH FUN: North Pier royal wedding event
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I WANT to say a royal thank you to the organisers and staff whose hospitality and contributions exceeded our expectations and made the Royal Wedding celebrations on North Pier a day to feel proud to be part of.

We were welcomed into a vibrant, colourful and entertaining setting where the emphasis on this historic occasion was celebrated and honoured in a truly Blackpool fashion. The venue was aesthetically pleasing, dressed theatrically in a sea of red, white and blue.

The staff played a fabulous role in respect of their attention to customer care.

The place was gleaming, floors and carpets spotless, including the toilets. Nothing was too much trouble. The children’s entertainment was second to none but more importantly parents felt their children were safe with security as pleasant as the staff.

This wasn’t a large corporate event where the management were faceless.

This was an event designed and executed by a family who obviously know their business and their people, and having those two crucial ingredients can only be beneficial for the future development of the truly remarkable landmark that is North Pier.

Thank you to the Sedgwick family for a great day.

May your ambitions, challenges and achievements be embraced and supported by the people of Blackpool and by the elected public servants within our council whom I am confident are equally proud.


Sandhurst Avenue


Trevor Brooking, Bobby Charlton, Geoff Hurst, Alex Ferguson, Walter Winterbottom, Bobby Robson, Stanley Matthews, Alf Ramsey – all worthy recipients of knighthoods – but none more worthy than “Sir” Jimmy Armfield.

When is it going to happen? Honours are considered by nomination – what’s the Blackpool community waiting for?


Devonshire Road


AFTER watching the royal wedding, I get the feeling a real sense of national pride is returning to this country and about time too.

Like many, l am sick of those moaning minnies putting this great country down.

It was fantastic to see hundreds of thousands of people waving the Union Flag and to see the streets of Blackpool draped in the Union Flag too.

It filled my heart with pride and made me so very proud to be British.

I would like to add my congratulations and best wishes to William and Kate and may they have a happy and love-filled life together.

So let’s build on this new-found national pride and sense of community and build a better future for this great country from the ashes of recession to a return to an even greater Britain.

Because if we all stand and work together, nothing is impossible. So watch out world, here comes Great Britain.