Letters - May 4, 2012

Pictures Martin Bostock'Exhibition at FYCreatives, Church St, from Blackpool Boys and Girls Club asking is Blackpool Fair for All?'Amy Jackson and Luke McCabe.
Pictures Martin Bostock'Exhibition at FYCreatives, Church St, from Blackpool Boys and Girls Club asking is Blackpool Fair for All?'Amy Jackson and Luke McCabe.
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I WAS absolutely delighted and privileged to open the exhibition on Fairness by the young people from Blackpool Boys and Girls’ club (Gazette April 27).

To call these young people remarkable is to sell short the contribution they have been making to the Fairness debate.

The work produced is thought provoking and tells us clearly that young people are motivated not by greed but by the wish to be safe, to do well educationally, to have a job and somewhere to live, surely that’s fair.

They have confronted some of the challenges and difficulties that face many of our young people, not shying away from some of the more terrible impacts of things such as sexual exploitation and child abuse, and have looked in depth at how we treat each other in our daily lives.

Couns Mark Smith, Amy Cross and myself were all deeply moved by the exhibition and would like to thank the young people, especially Amy, Luke, Danni and Jasmine who shared their views with us.

Also a great debt of gratitude must go to Dave Blacker for initiating the project and to all the staff and volunteers at the club.

You make us all very proud.

Thank you to The Gazette for the excellent coverage and a final plea to everyone to please go along to FYCreatives on Church Street to see their work.


Talbot Ward

Blackpool Council

YET again the RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancashire has received undeservedly bad press (Gazette April 26).

A holidaymaker was described as rescuing a stray dog and later taking it to Sundown Kennels, as the Blackpool dog wardens do not work weekends, when the dog was found.

This dog was the responsibility of the council, and the RSPCA should not have been approached.

We are a self-funding branch struggling to raise money for our new animal centre at Stalmine.

Our ethos is to promote kindness to animals, to rescue animals who have been cruelly treated and, unlike any other animal charity, to prosecute owners who do abuse their animals.

No other animal charity was criticised for not taking in strays, and unlike us they would not be in breach of their licence if they did do so.

Mr Tetchener, the branch manager, was quite correct in saying the animals we care for are generated by the RSPCA inspectors.

We may have these animals in care for many months until the case is heard in court and only then, if the case is proven, does that animal become available for adoption.

Other animals we take in are those which are signed over to us and where proof of ownership is needed. This is when the owner can no longer care for them. We are not licensed to take in stray animals.

On a lighter note, there was positive press about our sponsored walk on May 6.

If anyone wants to sponsor our staff and dogs who are walking from Division Lane to the New Centre in Stalmine to raise money to furnish the operating theatre, then please log onto www.rspcablackpool.org.uk or call (01253) 763991.


(Honorary secretary)


Blackpool and North Lancashire

I WOULD just like to write and say how much I enjoyed the opening night of the new Folk at Gillespies on Sunday, April 29.

It was a very entertaining evening with live music from The Prodigals, an impressive, talented folk and roots band from Blackpool, and their guest, Anthony John Clarke.

The venue was warm and inviting and it was a fantastic way of spending a Sunday night with high quality live entertainment in the centre of Blackpool.

It is so good to see a folk club in Blackpool again, rekindling what Alan Bell started many years ago with the Blackpool Folk Club.

It promises to be one of the best folk venues in the whole of the North West and I look forward to the next one on May 27 at Folk at Gillespies with Troubadour.



POULTON does not need any more wine bars, eateries or charity shops.

What is needed are shops which cater for people wishing to buy clothes etc.

We have Peacocks but they cater for the young and trendy. There are other people in the town, ie pensioners!


Stocks Court


MAY I thank, most sincerely, the thoughtful person who handed in my diary, which I inadvertently left in pay station A in the Blackpool Victoria Hospital car park.

It was subsequently returned by the hospital’s most efficient lost property service.


Greenfield Road