Letters - May 4, 2011

STILL IN THE PINK: The Funny Girls show from 2009
STILL IN THE PINK: The Funny Girls show from 2009
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I HAVE been a regular customer at Funny Girls since it first opened in July 1994 and have seen many shows over the years.

On Easter Sunday I went in to see the 2011 summer show and again on Saturday April 30 and boy what a stunning spectacular show the boys and girls have pulled off this year.

The opening number just explodes with enthusiasm, dance, and a hint of comedy which continues throughout the evening and the finale is the best production ever.

It goes without saying that Mark, Daniel, Gary, Rolando, Miss Amber, Miss Jade, Talulah and Krystal and front of house DJ Zoe with her acid tongue, indeed all the Funny Girls crew certainly know how to entertain people. Also, I think the stage manager Phil Holmes and his assistant who do a very difficult job in making the evening happen there, deserve a mention.

Well done to you all and thank you Basil for having the foresight in bringing Funny Girls to the entertainment scene in Blackpool.


Mirfield Grove


THE death of Osama Bin Laden is to be welcomed. The euphoria that has greeted his death is understandable but misplaced.

Al Qaeda is a cellular organisation. Like the Hydra it has many, many heads. Cutting off one, even its main one, will not kill it. It is likely to spew forth a poisonous reaction. We need to be vigilant.


(colonel retired)

Fieldfare Close


I OFTEN go to Cleveleys, sometimes with my very well-behaved dog, sometimes alone.

The other day when I went into one of the shops (where I have been numerous times with my dog) with my husband and dog, the lady on the till kindly said dogs weren’t allowed in the shop any more due to a new manager. Thankfully my husband waited outside with our dog. Today, I went into a charity shop with my dog to arrange a collection of two large bags of things that are too heavy to take in, only to be told the dog wasn’t allowed in as well. Are there any charity shops that will a) allow my dog in and b) arrange a collection?


AS a 24/7 carer to a severely disabled and severely mentally impaired brother, your correspondent, K McGowan of Layton (Letters April 16), misrepresents the massive coalition Government campaign targeting the severely disabled who are unable to work and unable to be forcibly registered as such.

Your correspondent purports “benefit changes welcome”, which is not true as there is widespread distress and heavy stress caused to genuine claimants in Blackpool by this Government’s ruthless tyrannical crackdown.