Letters - May 3, 2017

Fly tipping
Fly tipping
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We should be more like the Irish

A couple of years ago I wrote about a holiday in Ireland and how I saw a litter-free rural area in and around County Monaghan.

I have just returned from a similar holiday and I was still met by a litter-free environment, not a cigarette end, no drinks cans or bottles, no plastic carrier bags, which are illegal in Ireland, no grafitti sprayed anywhere.

I’ve seen a villager in Glaslough come out of their cottage and shout a holidaymaker back to pick up a till receipt that was accidentally dropped, which they did.

I have to ask myself why is it that the Irish have pride in their litter-free country and here people have no respect for the areas where they live or the countryside where illegal fly tippers operate without fear of being caught.

Here where I live rubbish is dumped on a daily basis and despite letting the council know about problems for more than 30 it still goes on.

I’m told “we will catch the fly tippers” but they don’t and this is despite names and addresses being left with rubbish that’s been fly- tipped.

Every single day you can see litter being dropped in town but you never see any wardens operating, I don’t know if the city ambassadors have the power to pull these people but I do know they have the power to hang around the Winter Gardens, because that’s the only place I see them.

The Irish can keep a litter-free country, why can’t we?

I’m afraid if I had the power I would imprison the perpetrators, no matter who they are and give a £1,000 fine.

How people can just dump rubbish on someone else’s doorstep is beyond me.

The Green Giant

Via email


Can Miss Saigon land at Opera House?

While I am on record of being disappointed that certain top-class musicals have not been booked on their long tours to our beautiful Opera House, I do recognise the management has put together a programme many will have appreciated.

However, as news has just been released of one mega musical that begins a long tour on July 1 and lasts until September 2018 - namely Miss Saigon - dare I hope Blackpool can be included?

I appreciate this particular musical does call for specific staging - including the landing of an helicopter - but surely our Opera House could provide such a facility.

Last word - this production would have made an ideal summer season attraction for the town - but I’d settle for two weeks.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore


Valid to travel with my mobility scooter

Being disabled I am obliged to use a mobility scooter when outdoors for which I hold a Blackpool Transport Scooter Pass. This gives me access to Blackpool’s buses and trams while using the scooter. Recently when asking to board a Stagecoach service to Preston the driver refused and told me that the pass was not valid on his bus and therefore I could not travel.

Having taken up the matter with the bus operator I was told that this is not the case and the driver was wrong in not allowing me to travel, and did not know the rules regarding passes.

Stagecoach is sending a note to show to their drivers that Blackpool passes are valid on their services and I would urge anyone in the same situation as myself to obtain such a document to avoid being refused transport on Stagecoach routes. This can be done by telephoning the Preston office on 01772 255777.

Brian Massey

Bispham Road



The kindness
of strangers

Last week I went out on my mobility scooter to the park. When I got there, it ran out of power. I went to a house and they took me in and gave me a cup of tea, then ran me to my house to get my charger and very kindly charged it up for me. I offered payment but they would not take it.

I was lucky I knocked on that door. I was panicking. I wanted to thank them for their kindness to me. I was lucky at last. Not had much luck in my life.

Clive Grant

Via email


Let’s fly our flag
and not the EU’s

Television news no longer shows migrants and refugees arriving in the EU. They think if they don’t tell you, people are stupid enough to think it is no longer a problem. The truth is it is worse than ever and they don’t know how to cope.

The EU council think up new threats to try and frighten us when really they are the ones who are scared of losing our money.

The Lib Dems and Labour want to cling on to these idiots. Be proud of our country and let’s fly our flag and not the EU’s.

Worried pensioner

Via email


Does overseas aid reach those in need?

I too would be proud that our country provides 0.7 per cent of income to overseas aid.

However, I am not so naive as to believe that this aid reaches those who need it most after the despots such as Mugabe have taken their cut.

I wonder how much of our aid actually helps the sick and starving?

Chris Williamson

Address supplied