Letters - May 3, 2016

Classroom stock'General school classroom . 9 July 2002
Classroom stock'General school classroom . 9 July 2002
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Sort schools out, for sake of our children

The Government’s refusal to provide adequate funding has caused an immediate and ever growing crisis in our schools.

While they seek to deceive the public by claiming funding per pupil has been “protected,” the actuality is that this amount – already inadequate because, being frozen, it has been eaten away by inflation – cannot possibly cover the higher costs forced on all schools this year by increased employer pension and national insurance contributions.

All this is before the effect of cuts to funding 16-19 education is taken into account. The effects are already being felt. Teacher posts are being cut, as are classroom support staff, class sizes are increasing, and subject areas are being lost at an alarming rate.

One major high school in the Fylde, in announcing redundancies, has already left parents in no doubt where the problem lies.

This situation is purely the result of political decisions. The Government’s response to this self-made crisis, and all the other chaos in our primaries and pecondaries for which it is responsible, is breathtaking in its ignoring of the priorities which it should be tackling – it proposes to hand over every school in the land to private interests.

This will result in yet more mountains of taxpayers’ money being siphoned off by unaccountable institutions into private pockets instead of being invested in our children.

It’s time we stopped this wilful neglect of our young people and demanded real investment in their future for their sakes, and for the sake of this country.

Steve Nolan


Fylde NUT


Politicians must stop meddling in NHS

I was disappointed and angry reading Labour Party activist Roy Lewis’ scaremongering letter about our health service (Your Say, Gazette, April 29).

He seems to think the health service belongs to the Labour Party which it doesn’t, it is the national health service and belongs to all of us, regardless of politics. The NHS is a great institution and remains so, it is not under threat from the Conservatives and I wish these lies would stop.

The Conservatives are not trying to destroy or privatise the NHS, this is complete nonsense and nothing but scaremongering. The Conservatives did not vote against forming the NHS either, this is a myth and should be put to bed.

I actually work for the NHS as a frontline professional. All I care about is giving my patients the quality care that they deserve.

I wish people like Mr Lewis would stop treating our health service like a political football. Leave the professionals to get on with our jobs and stop scaring the public. We have a great institution in the NHS and it will remain so if politicians of all sides stop meddling and leave it to the experts.

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Selfish dog owners ruining our parks

Thank you to Neil Kendall explaining that the reason for disgusting dog faeces – the first thing I noticed when I trod in it during a walk through Watson Road Park – is because the council no longer supplys free bags for dog poo (Your Say, Gazette, April 29).

I always thought it was because dogs ‘have to have their exercise’ so are let off the lead to poop where they like.

Parks, beaches,who cares?

There are responsible dog owners, unfortunately these seem to be in the minority.

I also abhor this pathetic council, but trying to say that muck-ridden public open spaces are due to the council not providing free bags is utterly ludicrous.

‘A few trangressors’. A few? Are you kidding? I wish it was a few, but that is not the case.

We bought our house because it was near the park, and I looked forward to taking my toddler to play.

Boy, what a shock. On no account could I sit and watch him totter along with all the filth he could fall on.

A lovely amenity ruined.

So let’s get it right.

It is due to selfish, uncaring idiots who let their one, two or even three dogs run free.

Let’s hope their children do not get contaminated with the dreadful disease Toxocara canis, which, as we all know, has caused child blindness.


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Free poop bags wll make no difference

Your correspondent Neil Kendall would like the council to give out free dog poop bags (Your Say, Gazette, April 29).

These bags cost around £1 for a box of 200 bags, which can last two to three months. As a dog owner, I feel anyone who can’t afford this outlay for bags cannot afford to own a dog. Vets’ fees and food, not to mention treats, toys etc, make the cost of bags negligible.

Responsible owners pick up, the few who don’t never will.

Carol Johnston

Northumberland Avenue



Thompsons are not doing us a favour

My view on the action by the actresses Emma and Sophie Thompson and their supporters, by trespassing on private land, is that it appears okay 
to ignore the law when it applies to them, but it is fine to invoke public laws, invented by them, to determine the actions of Government ministers.

The minister is appointed to make a lawful decision, based on the findings of an independent planning inspector to whom the anti-fracking lobby presented their case at the public hearing.

The only conclusion I can draw is that the anti-fracking lobby are so unsure of their arguments that they are resorting to bluster and bullying to influence the Minister, and thereby deny the opportunity for this country to achieve a degree of energy autonomy vital to the wellbeing of our engineering industry.

The future belongs to the next generation and we should strive to promote jobs and training presented by fracking and other industries to retain our young people in this area.

Bernard J Whittle OBE

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