Letters - May 3, 2013

NHS WORRIES: One reader is concerned about the possible privatisation of the NHS to private 'vultures'
NHS WORRIES: One reader is concerned about the possible privatisation of the NHS to private 'vultures'
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Future of nhs

Vultures circling

I fully agree with Dr David Wrigley regarding the 
Governmen’s plans to cut, close or privatise as much of the NHS as they can get away with (Politically Correct, Gazette, May 1).

Private health company vultures are circling overhead waiting to swoop on the rich pickings that will become available if the Con-Dems get away with their plans.

Already, under successive Tory, Labour and Con-Dem governments, a big business ‘culture’ has been pushed down the throat of the NHS resulting in the privatisation of most non - medical and some medical services with horrific results for both patients and health workers.

Hard working NHS staff are then routinely blamed for any problems Government policies have created.

New evidence has emerged using the Freedom of Information act which shows the government’s drive to make all NHS hospitals achieve self -governing Foundation Trust status by 2014 will benefit private medical practice at the expense of patients.

Under the Health and Social Care Act, which became law on April 1, the two per cent cap on doing private medicine in NHS hospitals 
has been raised to 49 per

As Foundation Trust hospitals have to compete with one another for income, a higher rate tariff on private patients could result in NHS patients going to the back of the queue.

Also under this new Act it ends the government’s free health care and removes the NHS from parliamentary

So far 40 Foundation Trust hospitals plan to open private patient units.

Initiated by the last Labour government, Foundation Trust’s, which aren’t 
accountable to the health 
secretary, only represent
 another nail in the coffin of the National Health 

Edwina Tonner

Talbot Road


New bus stop

Made to walk

The good news on the bus office window was that the new bus stop, close to the railway station, was open for business.

The bad news was, it was not open as far as Blackpool Transport buses were concerned.

Of course, every other vehicle ever invented uses the new bus lay-by to drop off passengers.

But it is not yet ‘safe’ enough for Blackpool buses to do so.

Their passengers either have to alight at the Mecca Bingo stop or be carried on half a mile into Blackpool.

How I wish it was a bus stop and taxi rank.

Then it could have been in use months ago.

But why bother with bus users – they can walk.

Roger Goodred

Charles Street


Helping Guide Dogs

Please donate

I am yet again appealing to everyone to save their used postage stamps for the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Last year I collected over a million used postage stamps, which has gone to help the Guide Dogs which is a great cause.

This year I want to do better by asking you again for your help in saving your used postage stamps.

I am also now collecting unwanted jewellery, books, CDs, DVDs, postcards , tea and cigarette cards.

Also old mobile phone and old English and foreign coins.

All these items can raise money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind and help people and children have a better life.

All items can be sent to my at the address below.

David Staples

14 Kingsnorth Road





Aircraft memories

The 70th anniversary of the Dambusters bombing raids on the Rhur is being officially recognised in May and honoured by the media and the country.

This brought memories back to me that duri ng the 1970s a privately owned Lancaster bomber ( now possibly part of the Battle of Britain flight?) was parked for a period between the existing hangars and the Squires Gate Lane perimeter fence at Blackpool Airport.

I was invited along by the ownerto climb aboard this aircraft, while the engines were started up and momentarily run at max revs, with the whole airframe shaking and juddering against the chocks.

The owner was also collecting other dismantled airframes, including a Seafire and Sabre, and also renovating the Wartime Control Room to its operational condition.

Colin Bent

Poplar Avenue


Political Conferences

Blackpool is best

None of our leading politicians want to be pinned down on whether they will bring their main party conferences back to Blackpool (Gazette, May 1).

It is a shame, because the Winter Gardens has vastly improved in recent times.

Also, it is sad today’s politicans prefer to gather in soulless modern conference centres rather than at the iconic Winter Gardens which is soaked in political history.

Hopefully they will have a change of heart because 
Blackpool needs the revenue these events bring.

Name and address supplied