Letters - May 29, 2012

Collegiate High School. / view
Collegiate High School. / view
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IT was great to read that Collegiate High School has rejected the plan to become an academy.

Congratulations must to go to Coun Martin Mitchell and the other governors for having the mettle to throw out this hare-brained piece of nonsense.

The move towards academies is similar to other Government privatisations, in that local democracy goes out of the window as the local education authority becomes powerless to tackle issues in the local community. More and more schools are likely to follow Collegiate’s lead and conclude that the grass is not greener on the other side.

Kathryn Benson

Layton Road


WHY did Blackpool Council not bother to include a timetable at its tram stops for the hard of hearing, and those with sight problems?

Legally, by next summer, there must be a method of telling these people when the next tram is due, or the council could face prosecution.

I’m told provision was included in the scheme for updatable electronic times, complete with a speaker at each stop, to the tune of £1m for the entire tramway.

But the cutbacks meant it wasn’t included, as the council tried to claw back as much as it could.

How much will it cost to fit such a system at a later date?

Far more in the long run, is the only possible answer.

Ironically, a very short-sighted move by the council.

Chris Layman

Highfield Road


I WOULD like to congratulate The Windmill Players for putting on a fantastic show of Allo Allo at Thornton Little Theatre on May 16.

Our representatives thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and we are very grateful to Di Timmins, the director, for nominating Cats Paws as one of the recipient charities, and for the very kind donation of £125 to the sanctuary.

This money will allow us to provide better care for the many adult cats and kittens we currently have at the sanctuary.

Sharon Browell


Cats Paws Sanctuary

School Road


I am bemused by the reflex opposition by a vociferous, and often anonymous, minority to fracking.

Within the current technology solar power is an expensive luxury and wind power is an equally expensive futility. It doesn’t work when there is no wind, or too much wind.

Because of that, all wind power resources have to backed up by conventional generation on standby, of which gas is the cleanest option.

Moreover, by the time that a wind generator has been manufactured, erected on a massive concrete base, connected to the grid, maintained, and eventually scrapped, it doesn’t save an ounce of carbon.

We are becoming increasingly reliant on gas supplies from a volatile and insecure overseas market.

It could be that shale gas will be a major economic boost to both the region and the nation, and give us a stable and assured supply.

A number of authoritative sources suggest that it can be extracted completely safely.

Richard Hook

Devonshire Road