Letters - May 28, 2014

TENANT TROUBLE Damaged caused to the rental property owned by Sean Feeney's house in Westmoreland Avenue has struck a nerve
TENANT TROUBLE Damaged caused to the rental property owned by Sean Feeney's house in Westmoreland Avenue has struck a nerve
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Landlords heartache

A crime?

I read with interest your article about tenants who cause landlords expense and heartache (Gazette, May 20).

My wife and myself have been the victims of such behaviour.

When the first tenants we had in what was a luxury fully fitted and equipped flat left, they took everything out of the flat, even items that we had provided.

The fridge, freezer, washing machine and dishwasher were all either not working correctly or damaged so badly they weren’t worth repairing, plus the flat was filthy.

The cost, including loss of rent, was approximately £3,000. The next tenants we had moved out owing us £1,200 in rent.

They disconnected the washer, left one of the isolating valves dripping, put a small washing up bowl under the leak but the following morning we had water coming through our bedroom and kitchen ceilings.

Needless to say they have not come back with the rent arrears, all we get is letters from what we presume is finance companies and solicitors chasing them.

Of course, they didn’t leave a forwarding address. One thing we cannot understand is that one of the tenant’s parents knows exactly how much is owed but doesn’t do anything about it.

Why is this behaviour not classed as a crime? To me it’s criminal damage.

As for rent arrears, if a hotel room is not paid for it’s a crime, so what is the difference.

The advice you get from solicitors is don’t bother claiming through the court because you won’t get any money back.

Thank goodness we have now sold the flat .

J. Stansfield

(By email)

Is fall man serious?

Own fault

Regarding the gentleman 
who fell off the sea wall and is 
looking to sue the council 
(Gazette, May 22), he cannot be serious.

Tragic though it is, it was his own fault.

There are miles of sea wall and only an idiot walks or stands on them.

Anyone with any common sense is aware of the dangers involved.

Blackpool Council comes in for much criticism, but it is not deserved in this case.

Ada Morris

Devonshire Road


Seagulls saved me

Chips down!

While walking home one afternoon, I decided on a portion of chips.

I strolled along Regent Road with three seagulls hovering and I decided to share my meal with them.

I turned the corner into Hornby Road and accidentally bumped into three youths who did not take kindly to this.

They started to get rough. At that precise moment the seagulls descended, attacking them and pecking at their heads.

Off they scurried down Hornby Road, the seagulls in hot pursuit.

A witness to this was a passing motorist who blew his horn.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue