Letters - May 26,2011

Staining residents are angry that Blackpool Transport are stopping the night time bus from Blackpool to Staining.
Staining residents are angry that Blackpool Transport are stopping the night time bus from Blackpool to Staining.
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IT would appear Blackpool Transport believe that after a certain time in the evening, people in Staining and on the Kilnhouse estate in St Annes don’t want to return home from Blackpool (Gazette May 21).

Better public relations would increase public use of buses which Blackpool Transport consider to be financial losses. The bus drivers have to bear the brunt of public outrage created by Blackpool Transport manager’s decisions.

Once upon a time, our bus route into Blackpool was served by double decker number 14, then it was changed to large single decker number 17 and now we have the number 17 service as a mini single decker.

I suppose those in the know at Blackpool Transport would define that as progress, others would suggest it is failing the public in the need to save money on what is considered a financial loss service.

Regular bus users from our estate, once arriving in Blackpool en route to Victoria Hospital, often face a circular tour to get their connection, and if they plan on returning home in the evening, it’s a long walk home if there is no evening service.

Even an hourly service is better than no service.


Blackpool Road North

St Annes

Interesting that it is that a group of landlords are pushing this agenda. It’s obvious that they don’t want their cash cow provided from the taxpayer drying up.

The answer is easy, they simply need to cut the rents, after all they will not want to chuck people on to the streets simply because they are short of a few quid for the rent?

Overall, I would support this initiative as it will do much to reduce the incentive for single people to come and live here and be unemployed by the seaside.

Those already here simply need to ask their hard working landlords for a rent reduction or return to where they came from.


What happened to the old values which are still maintained in most European countries.

Single people live at home with, and helping to support, their families until they can afford to move out and support themselves.

Instead this ‘society’ encourages teenage tramps to have babies to unknown Fathers, so they can claim a rent free council house and enough benefits to lead a better life style than a lot of hard working people.


While I agree totally about people just coming to Blackpool who work seasonally then stay and claim benefits – what about the people who were born and live here?

My son is 28, he works part-time and goes to college (which he pays for himself), he has two children and does not drink or smoke, but does get limited help with rent. If they stop that, he would not be able to afford his college fee’s and the two years he has already spent there would be wasted, as he would not be able to complete his course.

I know that some people would say hard luck but he has worked hard to try to get a decent job and not be a “drain on society”. I know what you mean, but not all cases are the same – it’s not just black and white there are grey areas and you cannot just say that everyone who gets benefit help is lowlife.

Janis G

They could pay the difference themselves instead of the hard working taxpayer paying, or they could move and share a house.

If they already share a house nothing will change. How on earth will 720 people be made homeless?