Letters - May 22, 2012

Funny Girls, Blackpool
Funny Girls, Blackpool
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ON Saturday night we went to Funny Girls to see the summer show and what a spectacular extravaganza the boys and girls put on.

It really has to be said there is nowhere like Funny Girls, although many have tried to impersonate the venue and failed.

Still, after 18 years, Funny Girls leads the entertainment scene here in Blackpool, and goes from strength to strength with brilliant sketches of which you never get tired of watching.

Well done to everyone involved at Funny Girls from the front of house staff, David and Celia, to the back stage boys, Phil Holmes and Michael, all the bar staff, to the Funny Girls diva herself, DJ Zoe, who entertains us from 8pm and woe betide you if she homes in on you with her acid tongue.

As Tina Turner sings “You’re Simply the Best”. You are and no one comes close to you. All the Funny Girls staff are simply brilliant.

Thank you all, and thank you Basil for this wonderful venue, which helps us all have an enjoyable evening to escape from the real world.


Mirfield Grove


I WOULD like to thank the Cat Rescue Centre in St Annes for returning my cat to me.

She is pretty old and had been missing for 10 days – totally out of character for her.

She was found by someone who rang Cat Rescue. Luckily, my cat had a name tag on her collar.

Unfortunately, not all cats have name tags or are chipped, as I found out when I collected her, as there was a lovely cat there who had a pretty collar, but no tag.

If anyone has recently lost a cat, please ring Cat Rescue, you never know, it may be yours.

To save upset, I would urge all cat owners to at least get a tag for your cat, especially if, like mine, she’s one of the family.



WELL done to Thomas Ince.

Your goal during the Championship play-off final was the best possible answer to the booing from West Ham’s disgusting fans.

I know the Premier League is seen as a kind of ultimate prize, but for those us old-fashioned enough to believe that there should be sportsmanship and fun in playing football, the Premier League is no place to be.

Blackpool can be justly proud of what they bring to the game.


Saltcotes Road