Letters - May 20, 2014

Blackpool Tower celebrated its 120th birthday with a fun-filled party in the ballroom. The Langley Dance Centre take to the floor.
Blackpool Tower celebrated its 120th birthday with a fun-filled party in the ballroom. The Langley Dance Centre take to the floor.
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120th anniversary


With respect to Karen Hunt (Your Say, May 16), I wonder what she expected from the celebration of the Tower’s birthday.

I went along and was very pleased with the entertainment, and also that Mr Bickerstaff came back to celebrate with us!

I would say what a nice balance Merlin struck, for respecting the traditions of circus, singing and dancing at this amazing venue.

Blackpool and The Fylde College choir were excellent, demonstrating what talent our students have and also the younger children from Anchorshome Primary School, who will remember the event with pride I am sure.

Then the contrast with the excellent contortionist and acrobats who thrilled with their daring and graceful performances.

Mooki and Mr Booo our resident clowns, did not disappoint with their juggling skills. The event also gave local dancers a chance to grace the floor, while we enjoyed a lovely afternoon cream tea with sandwiches. I am so happy to have had the privilege to be at The Tower, on Wednesday.

For someone like me who was born in the town, it is wonderful to know the building belongs to the town now and may we enjoy many more birthdays. Well done Merlin!

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue


* If Karen Hunt had checked the Blackpool Tower website she may have seen the ballroom was closed and there was to be a 120-year anniversary celebration.

This may have saved her the train fare.

It is true that it was for invited guests only and these invited guests filled the ballroom.

Merlin could not invite everyone who has visited The Tower in the last 20 years and the guest list included local school choirs, local dance academies and regular ballroom dancers all of whom played a part in the celebration programme and have contributed over many years .

It was a fitting tribute to the Tower’s 120 years enjoyed by all.

J. Mason



Wasted opportunity


My family were hugely disappointed by our visit to Blackpool Tower last Wednesday.

We were looking forward to the 120th birthday celebrations, but found no public events taking place, only a private event in a half empty ballroom.

A wasted opportunity, and a wasted visit to The Tower. Not impressed.

Irene Barnett

Arundel Avenue


Too many steps at show


I took a friend to Illuminasia and our experience was less than enjoyable.

We were assured there were only seven steps to climb and the toilets were close to the cafe, and anyway that we were not to worry because there are lifts.

On entering, we found there were lots of stairs and no bannisters for support to help the elderly with walking sticks.

The cafe and walkways were in semi-darkness and there were many steps leading to the toilets.

There were no signs to show where to walk and no way-out signs.

The staff did their best and showed us the way to the lifts which were in darkness and did not work. Another member of staff took us to a different lift and that only worked after several attempts.

I dread to think how the staff would cope if a member of the public had a fall or was ill.

Too many steps to deal with and lifts in darkness and not working can lead to serious problems.

Mr Scholey



Look at this junction first

Task force

‘No more mistakes’ is the bold promise from Blackpool’s transport chief on the future of development of the town’s roads (Gazette, May 17).

Coun John Jones is set to launch a new task group to ensure all decisions are fully scrutinised when it comes to making changes to the resort’s highways.

With the ongoing alterations at the junction of the Promenade and Lytham Road at Manchester Square, it appears it will be impossible or difficult to turn south when these changes are completed.

I would suggest Coun Jones checks this immediately and makes this one of his first mistakes to put right.

Bob Milner


Dog cruelty case



I would like to comment on the article ‘Dog Cruelty Case - Owner Walks Free’ (Gazette May 14).

I would say to the District Judge Marion Davis-Jones who conducted this shocking case, the law is an ass!

These cases of animal cruelty get worse each time and the sentences which are handed out get more lenient.

Paul Smith