Letters - May 20, 2011

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I READ with some concern Nicole Burke’s comments about there not being a good university in Blackpool (‘Not all bad’ on job front Gazette May 12).

As one of the UK’s most prestigious research universities, a degree from Lancaster is a significant asset for graduates entering the employment market. It doesn’t get much better than that.

We expect almost 1,000 students to graduate with us this July with various qualifications including foundation degrees, honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas, all with a strong focus on employability after they leave.

As chair of Blackpool Young People’s Council, Nicole does an excellent job of promoting the interests of young people in the town and giving them a voice.

However, it would be a shame for these young people not to understand what a fantastic university they have right on their doorstep.


Principal and chief

executive, Blackpool and The Fylde College

Police station should stay

I FIND it hard to believe the police are even contemplating the closure of the police station in Poulton.

Poulton must have one of the highest concentrations of licensed premises in the borough. It will, of course, be said there are very few incidents of alcohol-related crime, but surely this is due in part to a permanent high-profile police presence and let’s not forget the CCTV system that has been installed and may now become redundant if an operational centre cannot be found.

Any incident involving alcohol can very soon escalate. I accept we may have mobile units in the area, but the centre for police operations would be in Fleetwood or Lancaster.

The custody suite at Fleetwood has been closed so detained persons are now taken to Blackpool. This takes officers away from the area they should be policing, thus reducing cover overall.

Yes, the police service is facing enormous cuts like many other organisations. Wyre Council is also facing cuts, however, its savings have come from a ‘top-down’ review of high earners with a result that front-line services are not affected.

I have been, and will always be a supporter of the police service but the public expect police officers to be just that, ‘police officers’ fighting and deterring crime on the streets. They do not want to see senior, high-earning ranks sitting behind desks when we are short of operational officers on the front line in our area.

So what will we be left with, a new wine bar or similar where our police station once stood and a sour taste in the mouths of the residents in Poulton?


Cabinet member

Wyre Borough Council

It’s time for city of Fylde

DOESN’T the departure of Steve Weaver as chief executive of Blackpool Council and Donna Hall, his opposite number at Wyre, offer a splendid opportunity to consider creating a City of the Fylde?

After all, Ms Hall was already looking after Chorley, as well as holding court at the civic centre in Poulton.

Would it really be so difficult to get Fylde on board to produce a forward-thinking umbrella authority looking to the needs of everyone across the Fylde coast?

In the short term, Mr Weaver’s decision to step down gives the new Labour bosses the chance to put our money where their mouths are – by showing determination to save a considerable sum on his successor.

Why not recruit from within?


South Shore