Letters - May 2, 2014

A Blackpool tram has been covered in advertising.
A Blackpool tram has been covered in advertising.
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Cannot see outside


Further to the letter by Natalie Jones regarding the new all-over adverts applied to tram number 16 (Your Say April 28), I would add that I and many other totally agree this a highly unwelcome move and is also contrary to earlier previous official statements that the new trams would not be so adorned.

The buses, even the number 1 service, seem immune from this practice which had unfortunately previously blighted many of the older trams .

This is not to say there shouldn’t be any advertising at all, some earlier advert trams were attractive.

But covering the windows not only puts off passengers as they might assume they cannot see out, but the reality of feeling like looking through a gauze is not much better and reduces the customer experience.

Surely we should be making the experience the best we can for visitors and residents alike.

This practice needs to be stopped in its tracks.




MP should clarify

Why delay?

Surely it is now time that Mark Menzies MP indicates which allegations were true and which were untrue following the exposure of an alleged affair with a Brazilian rent boy by the Sunday Mirror. If he knew immediately after certain allegations were untrue what reason is there to delay clarification?

His constituents deserve nothing less.

Mrs Jenny Banks


St Annes

Not enough experience

Venue fears

We have to applaud our council for purchasing the Winter Gardens and Crown Entertainment for their fantastic running of this wonderful complex, but for the council to manage it we have to agree with Coun Tony Williams stating that their operational skills for a venue like this holds little confidence.

For years prior to the takeover it was allowed by its previous owners to fall into dilapidation with very little use to attract anyone and last year (2013) was the first in a long time when eight musicals were staged at the Opera House as well as attracting several other artists throughout the year.

While ‘Mamma Mia’ isn’t on my list, it is nonetheless popular enough to seal a three-month run, and when was the last time this happened?

I doubt it there is a council anywhere in the country experienced enough to take on the task of entertainments management, so regardless of pound signs ringing up in their eyeballs, ‘Crown’ commissioned by the council have brought in a massive revenue that wasn’t there before so leave it to the professionals please who know what they’re doing!

Clifford Chambers

Ashton Road


Council achieved loads

Our plans

If Mr Slattery-Christy, through your Letters column, wishes to publicly slate Labour for ‘having no plans’ then would he like to enlighten us with his plans or indeed his own party’s plans?

The Labour council here has introduced free breakfasts to school children.

This has had a major impact on attendance and punctuality and will over time increase the health and exam results of our town’s children, the town’s future.

Thanks to funding from a Labour government, this council is building the Talbot gateway, which is bringing jobs into the town centre.

This has already attracted private investment like Sainsbury’s and will continue to do so.

We are delivering Project 30 to repair the roads.

A scheme only needed because the Tories left the roads to ruin for four years while in power.

Pay to top council officers has been cut, reducing the number of hardworking people who have lost their jobs despite cuts to funding from Tory and Lib Dem run Westminster.

Since regaining power in 2011, Labour in Blackpool has cut the council’s part of our council tax.

This is Labour’s plan, so where is Mr Slattery-Christy’s and the Tories’ plan?

Robert Wood

Blackpool South Labour Acting Chairman

Stop moaning about trams

Get a map!

In response to ‘No Pass’ (Your Say April 24), I suggest Wyre residents Mrs Andrews and Mrs Knight of Thornton, should get a local map.

Blackpool does not end at Bispham, the boundary line is at Launderdale Avenue near Cleveleys.

As an Anchorsholme resident I had to buy a 50p ticket when they had senior reduced fares to go to Cleveleys and the Cleveleys bus stop was only one stop over that Blackpool border. Stop moaning.

I can understand that our tram track travels over Wyre but it always has done.

Why should we pay for people from other towns, including towns in Wyre, to travel for free on our trams?

Anchorsholme Resident

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