Letters - May 19, 2015

Temporary traffic lights causing disruption during ongoing roadworks at the Windy Harbour junction of the A585 and A586 near SIngleton, Blackpool
Temporary traffic lights causing disruption during ongoing roadworks at the Windy Harbour junction of the A585 and A586 near SIngleton, Blackpool
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Careful thought 
for 500-home plan

I ask that Poulton residents look carefully at the proposals for a 519-house development on Garstang Road East.

The consequence of this proposal being adopted will have a catastrophic impact on the whole infrastructure of this town, a town that already sees Breck Road and Moorland Road gridlocked at peak times.

It is not only Poulton vehicles that use the town to exit on to the A586, vehicles from Carleton and the surrounding areas also add to the congestion.

The transporting of children to primary school from the proposed site will entail car journeys as all of the primary schools are a great distance from the development.

Doctors and dental surgeries will, for most patients, necessitate the use of the car. Health services and clinics will struggle with the needs of 519 new households. Both secondary schools in the area are oversubscribed and primary schools are full.

Leisure time could also see extra vehicles heading for cinema, gyms and the seaside towns of Cleveleys and the surrounding coast.

Car parks are almost full to capacity on a Monday market day and when the long-awaited Booths store opens its doors at the end of the year that also will add to more vehicle usage through town centre roads, roads that were built for the horse and cart.

Should you wish to object to the new housing proposals write to: The Planning Department, Application No: 15/00298/LMAJ, Wyre Council, Civic Centre, Breck Road, Poulton, FY6 7PU or email planning@wyre.gov.uk

Residents have until May 22 to register their views but will have the right to write up until the morning of the committee meeting, should it come before the planning meeting.

Carol Woolley

Poulton Action Group, Little Poulton Lane, 


Marton in a mess

It’s been some time now since ‘improvements’ were made to the crossroads of Marton Drive, with St Annes Road and Watson Road, at the Watson Road bridge.

I can’t help but wonder what improvements were meant to have been achieved.

Turning right from St Annes Road into Marton Drive now appears to be more treacherous than ever, with visibility in my opinion reduced further since the changes.

And anyone finding themselves behind someone wishing to turn right from Watson Road on to St Annes Road, or from Marton Drive on to St Annes Road, is now likely to miss an entire cycle of traffic lights, as there is now no space to pass by.

I also question the timing on the next set of traffic lights at the top of Marton Drive, junction with Waterloo Road. The lights only seem to allow around four or five cars to pass through – and only that many if they are quick off the mark – from Marton Drive, before changing. At busy times, this can cause traffic to back-up along to Marton Drive to almost as far as the Tesco Express – and with all the parked cars, I can only imagine poses a nightmare for emergency vehicles. Perhaps it’s time the sequencing of these lights was looked at.

Tim Rimmer

South Shore


Unions matter more

In response to Dr Clayton’s letter (Gazette, May 15) which attacks the Trades Union Movement, I would like to point out that unions were formed here some 200 years ago because harsh experience had taught working people lessons about the system.

It is only by joining together as trades unions that individual workers can stand up to the power of the employees backed collectively by the power of the state, by property rights, industrial legislation, and tax incentives, etc.

Advances they made are now being taken away by replacing permanent workers with part-time, temporary staff and short-term casual workers.

Jobs in technology are often in sweat shop conditions creating even greater pressures.

The Victorian sweat shop has been replaced by a stress shop. In a civilized society everyone who goes to work should expect to come back in one piece at the end of the day.

This PM said in 2012 that he had made a New Years resolution– to kill off the health and safety culture for good, as they were a pointless waste of time.

People are still dying and contracting diseases due to work. We need unions more than ever and it’s time to reflect on how far we still need to go to protect future generations.

Royston Jones



Auction questioned

The sale of the equipment at the airport is a shame.

They must have raised about £1m. Why did Balfour Beatty bother? What good would that do to cancel out the debts of £30m? It just means it will never see the return of big jets.

K Jones