Letters - May 18, 2012

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I HAD the pleasure of presenting the case to extend the tram line from the North Pier to Blackpool North Railway Station to the scrutiny committee of Blackpool Council.

It was refreshing to see the cross-party unity in this key project to Blackpool’s future.

Getting this extension built will have a huge positive impact for the people of Anchorsholme, Cleveleys and Fleetwood, as it would give us direct rail access to a main line railway station, while allowing anyone who arrives by train to have direct access to the majority of our hotels and entertainment industry.

Connecting the tram line to Blackpool North Railway station would also go a long way to seeing a much-needed transport interchange in the town, which will allow us to catch, not just a train or a tram from the same place, but also a bus, or a taxi, which will only be good for our town’s future and continued regeneration.

The official bid for the extension will be made to central government in 2015 and between now and then I aim to unite all the political parties in Blackpool, our MPs and the media to get behind our bid so that, as a town, we present the best possible bid we can, ensuring it has every chance of succeeding.

There is a great saying that the longest journey starts with the smallest step and I believe that important first step was made on last Thursday night.


Anchorsholme ward

CAN we thank all the neighbours, friends and passers by, who supported our small garden cake break in aid of multiple sclerosis on May 5.

Thanks to their generous donations we raised £180 which will go to help local residents suffering from this dreadful debilitating disease.


Luton Road


THE recent conviction of several Rochdale men for child-grooming raises several profound questions, quite apart from the ethnic origin of the men involved.

Firstly, there was clearly something very badly wrong with some of the care homes supposedly taking care of the girls from damaged or dysfunctional backgrounds.

Secondly, the case revealed that for too many years the social services, police, and politicians have been avoiding plain speaking on this problem, treating it with an over-sensitive diplomacy.

This must end.

Thirdly, it is clear that the over-sexualisation of the young by the media, and some parents, plus binge drinking to insensibility, drugs and pornography were in large part to blame for the grooming scandal because research shows that this crime is often opportunistic.

This vile practice will not be stopped until there is much better co-operation and the sharing of information between the police, social workers, and schools.

In addition, as a society we need to emphasise to all men irrespective of ethnicity and age that women of all ages must be respected.

Child abusers come from all social and religious backgrounds we need to be vigilant if this vile practise is to be eradicated.


Fieldfare Close