Letters - May 17, 2013

Rossall Hospital Rehabilitation Unit
Rossall Hospital Rehabilitation Unit
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Sad at closures

It was with great sadness I read the letter “Closure of units will hurt the elderly” (Gazette May 10).

I have lived in Blackpool and for several years worked in Victoria Hospital, and take a keen interest in decisions made both locally and centrally that affect its ability to provide excellent health care to local residents.

This proposal to close Wesham and Rossall hospitals, and possibly Bispham, is first and foremost an action devoid of foresight that would seriously impact upon the care we can offer members of the public.

I cannot stress strongly enough that rehabilitation units are immensely important to the recovery of patients.

Without them they would need to remain in the general hospital, which then delays admittance of patients requiring surgery.

Some years ago that was called bed blocking.

But with the record investment in our NHS, by the previous government, many rehabilitation hospitals opened.

Rehabilitation units offer the expertise of medical teams, specialist nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy which are immensely beneficial to patients when they return to their homes.

The patients in acute medical/surgical beds sadly do not receive this personalised and intensive rehab care.

Increasing elderly occupation of acute beds would also lead to planned operations being cancelled.

The recent reports of admissions from A&E being delayed leading to sick persons waiting longer on A&E trolleys are a direct result of the decrease in our bed capacity.

These decisions affect us all. We have an increasingly elderly population; we need effective workforce and medical service planning for the future, not the withdrawal of these much needed facilities.

We should expect our politicians and our clinicians to work in tandem to provide comprehensive, integrated and thought out service provision, and we need to hold them to account.

Dr. Mike Mclaughlin MBBS


Caring council workers

Walk without fear

I would just like to thank Blackpool Council for picking the right team of capable workers for doing a perfect job resurfacing the pavements all around Bispham.

It means all us oldies can walk without any fear of falling over and hurting ourselves badly.

So well done to the council, for listening to the people, that’s Blackpool, a caring safe place to live, I love it.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road


Defence spending

Is it right?

Our MPs are pressing the Prime Minister to lobby the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to purchase UAE Typhoon aircraft.

The question has to be asked, why every year a whopping billion pounds of public money is spent supporting arms exports, often to countries in conflict and human rights abusers.

The subsidy is handed to a deadly sector that accounts for less than 45,000 jobs in the UK, yet we can cut 60,000 jobs in the NHS.

And this is considered to be moving forward.

UK Uncut’s inspiring actions have shown we can clamp down on tax evasion instead of cutting public services, welfare and health.

Governments of all types always choose to create jobs by building multi-billion pound killing machines rather than building machines which provide much needed renewable energy.

The UK has the world’s fourth largest military budget, yet as austerity is implemented, it has one of the smallest dents in its budget.

As cuts in our communities start to bite, we need to show there are alternatives with military spending redirected to human needs.

Royston Jones

Beryl Avenue


Old style remedies

Could help patients

It seems A&E departments in hospitals are currently at crisis point, struggling to cope with the large influx of patients.

Could this be explained by the fact old-fashioned remedies, such as using sodium bicarbonate for indigestion, or a hot water bottle to relieve back pain, are no longer being passed onto the younger generation by the elderly.

A lot of these elderly people find themselves in rest and nursing homes so face-to-face conversation is being seen less and less resulting in these valuable, simple remedies being lost forever.

As television is in every home, this medium could be used to educate people to take care of themselves as far as they are able, using the simple remedies which were widely used 50 and 60 years ago.

Mrs J Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue


Comedy carpet Festival

Should be a laugh

I am greatly looking forward to the Comedy Carpet Festival coming to Blackpool in July (Gazette May 16).

Let’s hope all residents support this fantastic event which fits in perfectly with what Blackpool is all about.

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