Letters - May 16, 2017

Elton John's concert on Blackpool promenade.
Elton John's concert on Blackpool promenade.
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Concert will bring traffic chaos

I read about the forthcoming music festival on the August Bank Holiday weekend to be staged on the council’s white elephant otherwise known as the Tower Headland.

Does this mean another weekend of traffic chaos throughout the town? Does this once again mean a multi-million pound tramway that this council is allegedly so proud of being cut in half where would be tram passengers travelling north or south are forced to walk from Manchester Square to North Pier (or vice-versa) in order to complete their journey? (And I believe pay twice?). If this isn’t enough, the prom could be closed again the following weekend for the Switch-On ceremony.

Blackpool will be very busy anyway for the final bank-holiday of the year and this idea of using that Headland for a concert is just plain daft! I am NOT at all against the Music Festival or the all-important switch-on ceremony and before the Headland was built these important events were staged on the big Central Car Park site. Here there is a degree of protection if the weather is inclement and wouldn’t force (as in the Elton John concert) the abandonment of the events. The added bonus is traffic keeps on flowing, the tram service isn’t disrupted and everyone gains. But of course that’s too simple and obvious for this council who isn’t noted for listening!

Bob Milner

Via email


We’ve got vorsprung durch technik factor

Oh here we go again, the number one spokesman and acolyte of the Tories, Dear Dr Barry Clayton, or is it Colonel Barry Clayton? Perhaps he’s getting worried about the recent poll by the ComRes which sees the popular vote for the Labour Party increasing every day.

The Labour Party manifesto resonates with people who have suffered under the Tories with their draconian policies to hit the poorest communities like Blackpool, and bring hardship to students, pensioners and workers with loss of jobs, high energy costs, and the threat of higher prices, for food. With the lowering of wages to nurses and other low paid workers forced to use food banks this is the worst possible scenario when people in work cannot make ends meet.

So Dr/Colonel Barry Clayton please stand up and cheer the labour manifesto like most fair minded people do, and as you are so familiar with quoting Labour as an East German dictatorship, then think now of the labour party as having Vorsprung Durch Technik (We are leaping ahead with the technical expertise!) in a very palatable manifesto for those outside the Tory establishment.

Roy Lewis

Haddon Road



Labour support is growing in north

I read with interest the article published in the Gazette regarding the poll taken recently on voters’ intentions in the North West, in respect of the general election on June 8. It seems there is an increase in people saying they will vote Labour at 47.7 per cent with Conservatives on 28.8 per cent. This is a clear message from the people in northern regions being conscious of their falling living standards under a conservative government.

Contrast this stark reality with the letter from Dr Barry Clayton (The Gazette, May 12) which calls Jeremy Corbyn and John Mc Donnell Marxists and communists touting a Leninist style of rhetoric, as if the Labour manifesto presented a danger to our society.

This nonsense, we have heard before from Dr Clayton, when his Conservative party is worried about their poll ratings.

He then gets up close and personal regarding the Labour party leadership.

Be afraid Dr Clayton, people in the north are not stupid!

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue

North Shore


Talk of East Germany is a load of poppycock

Another scaremongering letter from Barry Clayton (The Gazette, May 12). The man seems totally obsessed with denigrating the Labour Party. He now writes of an East German and Polish Communist dictatorship if we vote Labour. This is ridiculous poppycock and he knows it. He is treating Gazette readers as if the were all idiots.

Barry should come down to earth from his ivory tower. He obviously has not taken the slightest bit of interest in reading Labour party policy announcements for they all point to creating a Fairer Society for all.

I wonder what on earth Barry sees as wrong with a policy that would abolish the yearly limit of just one per cent increase on nurse salaries, which has gone on far too long.

A Labour government would also fund education properly. At present many schools throughout the UK regularly ask parents for funds to improve the school! This happened in the Thatcher years and is happening again under Mrs May.

University tuition fees and the cap on teachers’ pay would also end.

The Trident nuclear defence programme would go ahead for that is Labour Party policy.

After seven years of Tory governments the national debt caused by the Bankers 2008 crisis has actually risen.

Hasn’t Mr Clayton noticed that?

Jack Croysdill

Press officer for Labour 
candidate Chris Webb 
Blackpool North/Cleveleys