Letters - May 16, 2014

Lytham Road grass verge.
Lytham Road grass verge.
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Grass verge destroyed

A waste

At the junction of Lytham Road and Harrowside is a grass verge that has long suffered from inconsiderate drivers who park on the verge next to the traffic lights so they can nip to the shops across the road.

This has utterly destroyed the verge and until recently it was a muddy rutted eyesore with deep holes and mud all over the pavement.

Following the replacement of the traffic lights, the council paid good money to level off and re-seed the grass verge.

This work lasted all of 12 hours before the first builders van pulled up on the verge and now it’s just as bad as ever.

Why did the council waste money doing half a job?

Quite clearly there needs some kind of obstacles put in place to stop these inconsiderate drivers and then the grass can be put back in place.

I don’t know who I am more angry at – the inconsiderate drivers or the council for only doing half a job. What a waste of money!

K. Pendlebury


Let down by ambulance

No priority

On Wednesday, April 7, my 89-year-old father fell over on Ansdell Road near Ansdell Wines.

Two wonderful ladies that were driving past saw him fall and stopped their car to help him.

They gave him first aid and called an ambulance .

After 20 minutes a passing policeman also called an ambulance but was told that it was not a priority.

I just don’t get it. My wonderful dad should have been given an ambulance, he had a very nasty head wound which was bleeding profusely and was very shaken up.

Because an ambulance did not come after 30 minutes, he was helped into a car and taken to A& E and the ladies who had stopped in the first place went with him.

At A&E he was treated wonderfully with kindness and courtesy.

He had four stitches in his elbow, numerous internal and external stitches in a very nasty head wound,bruises and grazes galore and a broken arm.

The district nurse is now seeing him at home.

Does he need to overdose or be drunk and disorderly to get priority treatment?

He is a wonderful old gentleman and was very badly let down. Shame on whoever allocates the paramedics.

Once again grateful thanks to the two ladies who took the time and trouble to aid a nice old gentleman when the ambulance service did not.

Mrs Christine Cooper

Ansdell Road


Tower disappointment


Congratulations to the Gazette and Radio Lancashire for their celebrations of Blackpool Tower’s 120th birthday.

But it was a huge disappointment to see that Merlin failed to rise to the occasion.

Having made a special trip from Birmingham, I was shocked to visit The Tower on Wednesday and find absolutely no reference to, or celebration of this milestone event.

To add insult to injury, the main café was closed, and a half empty birthday celebration in the glorious ballroom was open to invited “guests” only.

Having hugely enjoyed the centenary celebrations 20 years ago, this was a shambles in comparison.

Happy birthday, Blackpool Tower, you deserved so much more.

Karen Hunt

Park Farm Road

Great Barr


We all must pay tax

Fair share

Gary Barlow may be a national treasure, but this week we all learnt something about him that casts him in a different light.

A tribunal ruled Barlow, and many others, must repay millions of pounds of tax.

An MP called on Barlow to return his OBE.

And then David Cameron went on TV to say he shouldn’t.

To be honest, I don’t care too much about the honour, but I do care about the money.

I’m fed up with people moaning about tax and talking about our public services as if they’re a drain on our wealth.

Public services are our wealth.

They’re the thing that makes us prosper.

And paying tax is the social agreement we all have with each other to chip into the 

When you stash your money away, out of sight of HMRC, you’re breaking that agreement.

Gary Barlow may be a millionaire, but presumably he went to school, uses our hospitals and police and drives on our roads?

Our taxes fund all of these public services.

They’re the safety net that should ensure everyone in our society, whatever their needs, abilities or luck, has a decent quality of life.

Without the rich paying their fair share, it falls to us to pay more than ours.

Mr Barlow may well be writing a large cheque to the Government sometime soon, but it’s time we took action to ensure that everyone pays their fair share.

Gina Dowding

Green Party

County Councillor