Letters - May 16, 2013

95 year old Beatrice McDermott is reunited with firefighter Ian Birks, who saved her life last month.
95 year old Beatrice McDermott is reunited with firefighter Ian Birks, who saved her life last month.
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State of our town

Show visitors

Jack Croysdill (Letters, May 11), finds Coun Paul Galley’s adverse comments on Talbot Road unacceptable.

Perhaps he should 
recommend to the council that it sponsors a visitors’ scenic coach tour of the resort.

This would start at South Station and proceed north along Lytham Road.

It would turn into Rigby Road and take in Central Drive before turning up 
Albert Road.

It would then journey along Cookson Street and into Dickson Road.

As the Gynn roundabout, the coach would head east into Devonshire Road, then turning into Talbot Road en route to a stop at the side of Layton Cemetery.

Here passengers would disembark for complimentary refreshments, served at the 10 benches in the middle of Westcliffe Drive.

The tour then heads west along Talbot Road and ends at the Square.

Here passengers would be able to mingle with the stag and hen parties, or marvel at the wondeful lights on nearby Birley Street.

Ian Jackson

Park Road


Prom bottlenecks

Drivers delayed

’How would you solve the bottlenecks’?, readers are asked.

The answer is in the question.

Having reduced our Prom enade from four lanes to two, we need to revert back to how it ran before.

Ask any taxi driver, bus driver or working person travelling by car from north to south or south to north and they will tell you how a journey can now take up to half an hour longer due the traffic congestion.

The Prom has always performed successfully for over a 100 years and only now is it in disarray.

Why weren’t the people of Blackpool consulted about the works before they were undertaken and not now , after the works are complete and totally dissatisfactory.

I must also comment on the now single lane traffic from Cocker Square to Talbot Square.

This also needs reviewing as it will continue to cause traffic congestion even if the main Tower frontage area is rebuilt.

Paul Kowalski

Huntingdon Road


Arnold School

Class memories

I enjoyed the Livewire article by Mrs Dana Gledhill (Friday, May 10) as it brought back many 

I was at Arnold High School for Girls at roughly the same time and can confirm all she says – except the bit about asparagus.

Table manners were strictly enforced by eagle-eyed sixth formers at each table and woe betide us if we waved a fork about.

We were not permitted to go out on any weekday evening unless with express permission of the headmistress, although I do remember that I was allowed to go to choir pracice.

We were told that ‘white socks and lace-up shoes look nice in town’.

Our eccentric head, Miss Moore, told each year’s new girls that they had arrived like green-painted chairs and that it was her job to strip off the paint.

I well remember, as a scared 13- year -old, standing up in ‘first dinner’ to give the toast and even the wording – ‘Ladies, today Prince Charles has something in common with all of us. He goes to school. Pray rise and drink with me a toast to Prince Charles’.

Everyone then solemnly rose and touched plastic mugs filled with water.

I could go on but you get the picture.

What would today’s schoolchildren think of all this? Not much I suspect.

By the way, how do you eat asparagus correctly?

Margaret Hayhurst

(By email)

SSAFA appeal

Come and help

Since April 10, SSAFA Forces Help has been known by its new name – SSAFA – but nothing else has changed.

We are still here to provide lifelong support to our forces and their families.

SSAFA supports anyone currently serving, or who has ever served in the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force.

We are here for them and their family for life.

We have a network of trained volunteers in local communities in the UK and on military bases around the world.

It means help and advice is always close at hand.

To enable us to help those who need our help in Lancashire, we are looking for new volunteers.

Whatever time you can spare will be appreciated, either dealing with our clients or helping to fundraise.

Full training will be given and all out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed.

If you would like an application form, more information or a chat, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Prospective clients can also get in touch using the same contact details.

Mrs Dorothy Sumner

Lancashire Branch 


Fulwood Barracks

Preston PR2 8AB


They are all brave

Well done to quick-thinking firefighter Ian Birks, who saved pensioner Beatrice McDermott (Gazette, May 15).

All our fire crews in Blackpool do a courageous job.

Name and address supplied