Letters - May 16, 2012

A group of campaigners led by coun Edward Nash are looking to take over the Victoria pub in Church Road, St Annes.
A group of campaigners led by coun Edward Nash are looking to take over the Victoria pub in Church Road, St Annes.
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WE – Karin, Christoph, Andy and me, a group of mixed ages, between 31 and 58, from Germany – had a nice long weekend in St Annes.

Our English friends Roy, Martin and Christine invited us and we wanted first to have a look of a typical English pub.

So we came to The Victoria.

Here we found a place with much music, where young and older people had fun together.

We experienced there so much warmth and hospitality as never on holidays before.

We returned three evenings and listened to a different band every day. The last evening Tom invited us to the jam session. It was great!

I sang a German song and with the song Leaving on a Jetplane, we said goodbye to all of them together with the Magic Trees.

It was so amazing.

We will come again, but we were worried, when we learned that it is possible that the Victoria will be closed then.

We felt that the Vic is much more traditional and characteristic than other places and even the heart of St Annes, so we say to all: Save it!



near Hanover


TO add to the ‘casualty list’ at the children’s play area at Stanah, our granddaughter was taken to the playground with her brownie group last year, and unfortunately came tumbling off the very same roundabout. She was taken to hospital by her mum, where she was found to have broken her collar bone in two places, a very painful experience for a young lady.

Come on, Wyre council, how many more incidents concerning this dangerous piece of play equipment have yet to come forward.

Time to remove, before we have more accidents of this nature.


Oldbury Place


SAM Allardyce always seems to beat us, tonight on telly, he is frightened of us. “Anything can happen, in a final,” he says.

C’mon, its our time, again, this time, we can beat anyone.

Let’s go and do it, come on the Pool. Believe.


Pelham Ave


MAY I say it was my four-and-a-half year-old great granddaughter, Ava Taylor-Newton, who I am so proud to say, won first in the child’s best friend event at Penny Farm dog show. Ava went on to come third as “best in show” with her dog Mutley.

I think this is wonderful for a child her age.



I AM writing about the state of Hope Street park since the introduction of the play equipment. The litter has got worse around the edge of the park and in the shrub beds, which spoils the enjoyment of my walk with my grandchildren.


Church Road

Lytham St Annes

I HAVE over five large bags of beautiful assorted wool. Maybe some readers would like to have it. They may just love knitting or maybe they knit items for charity. I can be contacted on (01253) 695633.


Goldsboro Avenue