Letters - May 14, 2014

Blackpool tram on Lytham Road near the junction of Waterloo Road in 1952. The Lytham Road Route from the Manchester Hotel to Squires Gate opened in 1895 and closed in 1961'Blackpool/ Historical'Blackpool Tramways book
Blackpool tram on Lytham Road near the junction of Waterloo Road in 1952. The Lytham Road Route from the Manchester Hotel to Squires Gate opened in 1895 and closed in 1961'Blackpool/ Historical'Blackpool Tramways book
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Remembering old trams

Transport changes

I have just returned in the past month from Australia, to live back in my home town.

There have been many changes since I’ve been away, but one thing this town needs is a decent transport system.

When I left Blackpool in the 1950s, there was a reliable tram service to Squires Gate along Lytham Road, to take people to the airport.

I have read trams are once again to run up from Talbot Square to the railway station.

I remember when they took off the trams at Talbot Square to Layton, I was just an infant then.

Last week, I walked to South Pier and a lady pointed out to me the tramcar on display opposite the Pleasure Beach casino.

She informed me this was the last one to run to North Station, along Dickson Road. These I remember well.

In Australia and New Zealand, they have on display old tramcars, painted up in their old colours and a credit to the area. My neighbours have told me a transport interchange is proposed near to the new council offices in the town centre.

To put this old tramcar on display there would create a focal point and protect it from the elements.

I do like the new trams, but why do they have to have adverts all over them?

There is none of this in Australia, and the residents are proud of their transport system, which is sleek and clean.

I also note there is a lack of trees in the area. At one time, I resided on Whitegate Drive, and there were many trees.

They have gone, but are they going to replant them?

Large houses have also gone and been replaced with flats and apartments.

Mrs S. Kidd

Crescent Court

South Shore

What a great show

Melting Pot

I would just like to write a small article on the recent show called Everything’s Coming up Roses put on by Sue Gallagher and daughter Vicki from the Melting Pot Theatre Workshop, in conjunction with Visage Academy of the Theatre Arts.

The mainstream children and adults were wonderful, but I have to express how impressed and delighted I was with the performance of the special needs students and the incredible work Sue Gallagher has put into helping them build on their self-confidence and self-esteem.

It is of the utmost importance that these students are given the opportunity to express themselves in all different ways, not always having to be verbal, as they showed us in the show.

My own daughter has Downs Syndrome, but unfortunately is going through a very rough patch at the moment, but, hopefully, when she comes through it she will become part of this much-needed theatre group.

Thank you Sue and Vicki for all your hard work, it has really paid off and your students are a credit to you.

Frances Garman


Operation postponed


On Friday, May 9, my wife was due for a total knee replacement operation at Victoria Hospital. She arrived at 6.55am, booked in, was told the ward she would be on, the name of the nurse looking after her and visiting times.

At 8am she was called in, the nurse checked all her information, took all her obs, the surgeon came and talked her through the procedure at length, she signed the consent form, met the assisting surgeon, they then left and the nurse came to finish her paperwork.

About five minutes later, another nurse popped her head round the door saying she needed a word.

At 9am the surgeon accompanied by a theatre sister came back into the room. He said: “I am sorry, but I have some bad news, we have no bed, you will have to come back.”

After waiting so long, you can imagine how she felt.

It also had a knock-on effect with myself. As we both work part-time we had taken annual leave, myself to be at home after the operation.

Also, we look after our granddaughter while her parents work. This will all have to be sorted out again.

Has the new main entrance and car park been built at the expense of beds and patient care? Why shut all those hospitals down if we are so short of beds?

Very annoyed.

John Stansfield

(by email)

Concern for monkeys

Travels far

Blackpool news travels far and wide.

A friend of mine, Ma Dolan, lives in Maryland, Virginia, USA. She phoned me to inquire about the missing monkeys from Blackpool Zoo.

It seems it was reported in The Washington Post.

I think Blackpool Zoo can expect more tourists as a result o f this.

We all hope the missing baby monkey is well, but I don’t think this will be the case.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue