Letters - May 13, 2011

Ben Croston (left) and Dave Shaw of Fuzzy Duck Brewery at the Strawberry Gardens, Poulton Rd, Fleetwood
Ben Croston (left) and Dave Shaw of Fuzzy Duck Brewery at the Strawberry Gardens, Poulton Rd, Fleetwood
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AS a member of CAMRA and a real ale fanatic, I have been concerned at the way publicans have been used as a source of easy money by both the industry and government.

The industry seems to be run by people who have no idea about beer, and are only interested in the bottom line, while government see alcohol duty as an easy target to raise cash. A different approach is being tried at the Strawberry Gardens in Fleetwood, by David Shaw.

David is bringing together a love for real ale with a pub and a brewery on the same site, in the way it was done centuries ago, thus cutting out the middle man and increasing sustainability.

I have to wonder at the powers-that-be in the massive brewing chains.

Do they notice how beer, and especially real ale sells in a pub? Time after time the real ale has gone while all that is left is the mass-produced beer. Surely there is a lesson here?


Preesall ward and CAMRA member

I AM writing on behalf of the RSPCA Fylde branch to sincerely thank everyone who gave so generously to our collection at the Tesco Metro store in Cleveleys, during National RSPCA Week, May 2-8. We raised an amazing £905.98. I also wish to convey our gratitude to the many Fylde branch volunteers who, again, made this annual event so successful.


Hon. Sec. RSPCA Fylde branch

North Albert Street


PAUL Maynard, The Conservative MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys, has a real cheek when he says he hopes the new Labour council will continue with the regeneration started by the Conservatives.

I accept he is relatively new to the town. But he should know that almost all the projects currently under way were initiated by the previous Labour council and start-funded by the Labour government.

Probably the only regeneration initiative the defeated Conservatives can claim credit for is the public purchase of The Tower and The Winter Gardens, and that was only possible because of funding by the Labour government, which the new Conservative government tried desperately to withdraw.

Paul Maynard will, no doubt, be persuading the Conservative government to provide the necessary financial support for the continuing regeneration of Blackpool!


Sandhurst Avenue