lETTERS - mAY 12, 2011

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AFTER an excellent, refurbished, new and impressive Winter Gardens reopened, we looked forward to showing it to visiting friends and relatives.

Fat chance – you’d be lucky if you find the place open, maybe twice or three times in a single week!

For a start, it opens at 11am to visitors if there are no conferences going on.

You will know it’s conference day by the two doormen, who will inform you you can’t pass the outside door where they stand.

Wouldn’t it make sense that the two doormen stand actually outside the conference room door, and not outside the building’s front door?

This would allow visitors and locals to use the toilets, which is just near to the entrance.

Considering that no public toilet exists in the whole of the town centre, it is the minimum the council should offer – and not just twice a week, and not from 11am, but say 9am when new visitors go to discover the town.


Gill Court


Food for thought

Does your correspondent (Gazette Letters, May 10) not know that most intelligent people are aware that over indulgence of foods that are considered unhealthy are not conducive to good health?

The health service does not have a stance, we are a democracy not a communist state – the NHS promotes healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.

If, as your correspondent states, unhealthy foods should not be promoted, then I hope she doesn’t like fish and chips occasionally, or she’s done for.

And should we ban all restaurant, fast food chains from advertising?

When we are in hospital, we all like a little comfort eating, and like the odd bar of chocolate.

And if I can get a bar for £1 rather than pay extortionate other shop prices, then I will have it.

I would suggest this lady address more pressing issues within the health sector, and leave people to be informed and educated about healthy lifestyles and then make their own choice.

Kevin Slater

8 Buckthorn Place


Big thank you to our voters

I would like to say a big thank you to all the people of Cleveleys Park who supported me in the recent local election.

I would also like to thank party members, my husband and family for their support during the campaign and in the years ahead.

As a local councillor, I will be accessible to all members of my community, will hold regular street surgeries, and be available at the end of the phone or by email for any queries.

I look forward to serving my community once again.

Cllr Penny Martin

Ryden Ave


We would like to thank all the people of Knott End and Preesall for their support in the recent borough elections.

We will continue to represent you, and fight for our community on any issues concerning Knott End and Preesall.

CllrS Gordon McCann, Paul Moon, Vivien Taylor