Letters - May 10, 2017

Queensway between Blackpool and St. Annes
Queensway between Blackpool and St. Annes
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Why do cyclists keep using the road?

Why do cyclists insist on using the road when they are cycling along Queensway between Blackpool and St Annes when there is an excellent cycle path provided?

Instead of choosing the safe option, they use the main carriageway which makes it very difficult for traffic to pass them.

This results in vehicles having to travel at a snail’s pace behind the cyclist until they can safely overtake.

It cannot be a nice experience to have a tailback of traffic behind you when you are cycling, while drivers are left frustrated.

But it is totally unnecessary as there is a cycle path all the way along Queensway, completely separate from traffic and therefore one of the best cycle paths on the Fylde.

I can only think that cyclists enjoy some kind of bravado by snubbing the cycle path and using the road instead.




Indoctrinated into a world of plastic

I have heard that TV presenter Simon Reeve has taken a ‘no single-use plastic’ pledge in June.

Reading about this has made me realise just how much plastic has taken over our lives and how often I buy a plastic bottle, drink the contents and discard it.

True, I am not a litter bug and will always throw the plastic item in a bin, in ideal circumstances, in a specific recycling bin.

But what if there was less plastic in the first place?

When the charge for plastic carrier bags came into effect, I couldn’t believe the negative reaction from some scrooges who were upset at having to pay 5p.

We have become so indoctrinated into our convenient, cheap, throwaway ideology that we forget about the wider world. Fewer carrier bags has resulted in less litter and pollution – win win for humans and animals alike.

And Simon Reeve is taking up the pledge for a good reason – he’s backing the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), which is asking people to give up single-use plastics for up to a month.

Could I join Simon and give up conveniences like ready meals, pre-packed sandwiches, and plastic-bottled drinks for a day, week or month? I don’t know. But it would be interesting to try.

According to the conservation society, the amount of plastic litter on our beaches has risen by 180 per cent in 20 years. Plastic is often found in the stomachs of wildlife which lives in the seas, and can even kill them. Turtles are one example.

There are predictions that there could be more plastic than fish in our seas by 2050. Is that really the type of world we want to leave our children and grandchildren?


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Think of the NHs when you vote

So now we come to the big one, the General Election, where the people decide which political party, or which party leader they trust the most.

Which one is telling the truth? Maybe the local candidates will come more into the reckoning. But let’s put the personalities to one side for a moment, and consider what issues we as individuals feel strongly about.

For me the top priority is the future of our NHS. Do we want to have a health service that is the envy of the world, as it still was only seven years ago, funded by public money, and treating us all, with the same care and dedication?

Or do we want a health service funded by private money from insurance companies, who put profit for investors as top priority and the patients the least important.

I can’t tell anyone who to vote for as that’s up to each of us to decide. But please think about our NHS when putting that X on the ballot paper.

David Honeybell

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Tasty snippet from times gone by

Here are just a few snippets from bygone Lancashire. Below is the pronounced word and its meaning.

* Watter boord....Water board

* Eesez it’s oareet....He says it’s alright

* Thamun gerrit thisel ... You must get it yourself

* Eenose nowt... He knows nothing

* The moant. ... You must not.

* Eenose weer it is ... He knows where it is.

* Ee smookes alot... He smokes a lot

* Ifell downt steers... He fell down the stairs

* Wursta get it fray... where have you got it from.

* Gizza suppa watter... Give me a drink of water.

* Eez gooin ooum ... He is going home

* Ee int reet int the ... He isn’t right in the head

* Wurzee gooin ... Where is he going

* Esta bin tut skoo? ... Have you been to school?

* Ee est theerache ... He has the earache

* Thatint reet ... That’s not right

* Eez gooin down’t rooud ... He is going down the road.

* The maunt gutheer ...You must not go there.

* Gerrupt steers ... Get up the stairs

* Gufforrit thisell ... Go for it yourself

* Ono the waint ... Oh no you won’t

* Eez ed nowt tweet ...He has had nothing to eat.

* Eez sattint cheer ... He is sat in the chair

* Eez frickned othee ... He is frightened of you

* Purrit itheer ... Put it in there.


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Finally free from ‘crackpot’ Berlin

The EU insists we must pay billions before we can leave the sinking ship.... Unbelievable!

Is it not time for the UK Government to remind the Europeans of the sacrifice the British people paid to liberate them during the Second World War. After all these years, Europe has changed very little. It is still governed by unelected bureaucrats, obeying the orders of some ‘crackpot’ or other in Berlin. Long live free Britain.

P Ward

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