Letters - May 10, 2012

Booths  Garstang store
Booths Garstang store
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IN reply to the bizarre assumption by L Longden (Gazette Letters, May 5) that Asda would be the perfect choice for Poulton, I would like to offer a somewhat opposite view.

In the past 20 years, Poulton has totally lost its character, shops and viability by becoming yet another bland town full of national chains and charity shops giving customers no reason to visit, other than its fantastic nightlife which seems to boom and the tiny Booths with its great regionally-produced food.

The reason in my view is the hopeless, half-empty, nationally-owned shopping centre, ridiculous parking charges and total loss of identity.

What on earth would a bland USA-owned supermarket bring to this other than the final nail in the coffin to every remaining independent business?

We need Booths to bring the town back to life. If you want to buy your shopping in some tin box pile-it-high drive-in-and-out-and-don’t-bother-to-support-other-businesses establishment, then jog on to Tesco at Marton, Asda at Fleetwood or Blackpool or Morrisons at Cleveleys. Where is the regeneration and hundreds of jobs they promised, they are even automating the tills so they can get rid of staff!

Look at good examples of regeneration and it involves people wanting to visit a town for a reason – Garstang, Settle and Clitheroe have to be good examples.

All are devoid of the ‘World’s Biggest Supermarket’, all have Booths and all have character shops left.

Let’s get behind a local company selling local food to local people. It has a reputation that will bring people in to town rather than the alternative, which for all its claims to be cheaper – is it really when compared to quality?

Steve Mason

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PLEASE, please, please let common sense prevail and stop complaining about the spinning disc at Stannah.

All parks can be unsafe for children if they aren’t supervised properly or at times even when they are properly supervised there is always a small risk that a child can hurt themselves.

If a child falls off monkey bars they can break a limb, if they fall off a swing they can seriously hurt themselves – are we going to get rid of all monkey bars and swings?

My three daughters absolutely love this park, especially the spinning disc, they even stand on it while their dad spins it, very fast, and they love it.

Maybe we should pop a safety harness on them to take away their fun.

I hope the children who have hurt themselves on this ride are OK.

But how ridiculous to even suggest this fun ride should be removed from the park because of a couple of accidents that could have occurred on any piece of equipment at any park because sometimes these thing happen when you are a child having fun.

Gail Riedel


MAY we say congratulations to Diane Skinner for germinating a little seed in her brain into the most entertaining and enjoyable production of ‘That’s Entertainment’ at Thornton Little Theatre which we attended last Saturday.

There was something special for everyone and this show certainly had the ‘feel-good factor’ and was a five-star production.

Congratulation to everyone concerned – musical director David Chadwick and especially Jean Robins for the wardrobe.

Jacqui Veazey and Ken Robinson

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