Letters - May 10

Dave Daly, Landlord of The Castle pub on Central Drive, Blackpool (for 24 hour licensing story). PIC BY ROB LOCK'23-7-2010
Dave Daly, Landlord of The Castle pub on Central Drive, Blackpool (for 24 hour licensing story). PIC BY ROB LOCK'23-7-2010
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OUR members on the Fylde coast and the North West support the leases of the Fylde coast, as shown in lobbying in Parliament last year.

As our members are in the strong managed sector, we do not feel the effect the pub companies are having on leases.

Trade union Licences Unite would tell all customers to use them or lose them. There are some fantastic pubs around the Fylde coast which need to be used by their local communities up and down the Fylde.

Pubs are now catering for food, families, females and fun. We have lost some great landlords over the past years which this industry cannot afford to lose. USE THEM OR LOSE THEM.


Chairman Northwest

Licences Unite

The Union

RE: your article (Gazette, May 7), congratulations to the unions for putting up a spirited resistance to academies and related programmes.

We have seen the Government resorting to bullying and bribery to get any sizeable response from schools.

Attacks on state education is now getting stronger. The funding freeze, local authority support funding cut, the education maintenance allowance abolished and the increase in student fees are all working to undermine and privatise state education.

All worldwide evidence has shown that all these steps lead to controls in education by businesses.

Tesco and Asda are now involved in every part of our lives, but do we want them running our kids’ education?


Beryl Avenue


I WOULD like to thank all those who voted for me in the recent elections in Waterloo ward, and also grateful thanks to the people who helped in any way with my election campaign.

It is my intention to always be helpful, and available to listen to voters’ concerns.


Watson Road


RECENTLY, with a friend, I visited the outpatients department at Victoria Hospital.

While there, I called into the WH Smith shop to buy a magazine. When I went to pay for it, I was somewhat taken aback as the assistant asked me if I would like to purchase a big bar of chocolate for £1, which I declined.

On the way home, I thought this was a total contradiction of the health service’s stance on healthy eating.

Consequently, I telephoned the hospital to make this point.

The person to whom I spoke agreed with me and said I had a valid point and that she would look into it.

Recently, they informed me that there was little they could do as WH Smith was a franchise.

While I feel it would be wrong to dictate what shops in hospitals can sell, I feel consideration should be given to restricting the promotion of unhealthy foods.


Patterdale Avenue