Letters - May 1, 2015

Picture Martin Bostock'Keith Harris and Orville, preparing for their appearance on Channel 4's Celebrity Come Dine With Me.
Picture Martin Bostock'Keith Harris and Orville, preparing for their appearance on Channel 4's Celebrity Come Dine With Me.
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Our heritage

Outside London, Blackpool is the entertainment capital of the UK.

The death of Keith Harris this week, and the statement that we will never see Orville again, has made me think the town should have some exhibition of a sort to celebrate the rich showbiz history of the town.

This may be housed in the museum next to the library, or a specially appointed building on the Promenade somewhere.

There is a beautiful exhibition on the history of the circus in The Tower, reflecting back on Charlie Caroli’s contribution to the entertainment industry. Along with all the famous events and figures who have appeared in the town, it could be extended.

It would also be lovely, and no doubt a crowd puller, if Sarah, Keith’s widow, would allow Orville to go on public display in a glass case during the summer season as part of a history of Showbiz in Blackpool exhibition. The town has so much to be proud of in its history, so why not show it off?

Diane Silva

Greenwood Close




May I invite residents to come along to Sainsbury’s, St Andrews Road North, St Annes from today to Sunday, May 3, inclusive and support our animal food collection for Cat Rescue and Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary, two very worthwhile local charities.

I will be in Sainsbury’s in St Annes assisting with the collection with Sainsbury’s team staff players Steph and Jane.

Please would all readers who are able, come along and donate animal food for these charities and show your support.

I am pleased to be involved in this worth while event and sincerely look forward to assisting.

Andrew Noble

Police Community Volunteer 
St Annes


Take note

At last somebody has realised that Blackpool is a ‘no cold calling zone’ (Look At It This Way, Jacqui Morley, April 24).

A ‘no cold calling’ sign means just that, and that applies to everyone.

However, people who do cold call are of the opinion that it does not apply to them, well, it does.

There was a lot of time and money and effort put into introducing ‘no cold calling’ zones into Blackpool involving the council, police, trading standards, myself and Chris Wright, to name but a few .

However, it is up to the individual households to enforce it and report on the consumer direct help line which is 08454 040506 .

I am calling on this plague of politicians to obey the rules and the rule is ‘no cold calling’, and there are no exceptions.

Bruce Allen

Hawkshead Terrace




Ms Murphy of the Chamber of Commerce is concerned about delays regarding fracking 
decisions (Gazette, April 21).

She seems to be unaware the current delay was requested by Cuadrilla, and occurred after the hearing of the applications at LCC had actually started.

While it is understandable she would want Lancashire businesses to benefit if fracking goes ahead, there is an ever-increasing body of evidence that advises caution and a moratorium on the industry at the very least.

I hope Ms Murphy will take a look at the conclusions of the independent reports by the Environmental Audit Committee and Medact.

The Environmental Audit report says: “A moratorium on the extraction of unconventional gas through fracking is needed to avoid both the inconsistency with our climate change obligations and to allow the uncertainty surrounding environmental risks to be fully resolved.”

And the Medact report states: “There are now over 450 peer-reviewed publications in this field.

“A significant majority indicate potential risks or actual adverse health effects associated with shale gas development.”

It is clear to all who have read them the negatives of the shale gas industry outweigh the positives; businesses can make money in other ways, but our health and environment should not be subjected to such risks.

T Froud




If you care about animals, then there is no better time to start shopping cruelty-free and make small changes to live a kinder and less harmful life by using products that are not tested on animals.

If you are interested in shopping cruelty free, then email Naturewatch Foundation at info@naturewatch.org or call 01242 252 871 with your name and contact details and they will send you a free copy of their Compassionate Shopping Guide.

It includes a comprehensive and organised list of where to buy cruelty-free household and personal care items such as cosmetics, baby products, men’s toiletries and sun care.

May I also remind readers the Naturewatch Great British Puppy Survey is still open.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue