Letters - March 9, 2012

Blackpool Victoria Hospital / Lancashire Cardiac Centre / cardiac unit / view'Exterior from Ring road
Blackpool Victoria Hospital / Lancashire Cardiac Centre / cardiac unit / view'Exterior from Ring road
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DURING recent years there has been endless criticism of the National Health Service regarding dirty hospitals, persistent infections, and unprofessional treatment, so much so that prospective patients become afraid of entering any hospital.

Speaking personally, I was recently admitted to Blackpool Victoria cardiac unit by the emergency services at 11.30pm one Thursday evening, and, after receiving intensive care for 14 days, was safely returned back home.

Firstly, the ambulance services arrived within 11 minutes, commenced immediate treatment, and delivered me to the A & E department within 30 minutes.

I was then placed under close observation until 3am, and transferred to Ward 37 (2B) on the cardiac wing.

This ward, from the senior sister to the junior cleaning and catering staff, provided personal and attentive service 24 hours, day and night, in a clean and professional environment, which these days is rarely available in a five star hotel.

This first class service and total cleanliness was apparent in every single department I was conveyed through during a 14-day stay.

No prospective patient can feel dubious of ever visiting the Blackpool Victoria Hospital as this hospital can feel justifiably proud of its wonderful reputation.


Clifton Drive

Starr Gate

BLACKPOOL Senior Voice Forum would like to congratulate the Council for Voluntary Service, for putting on the Love Your Community event in the Winter Gardens recently.

We found it to be very well organised, and, above all, very true to Blackpool, as all the groups mixed and were very friendly to both stall holders and visitors.

We look forward to the next event that the CVS organise for us.

And if the event is held again at the Winter Gardens, which has been beautifully refurbished, we ask that the front doors of the building are made more disabled friendly so wheelchair-users, and other disabled people, can gain entry without having to wait for somebody to come and hold the door open for them.



Blackpool Senior Voice Forum

‘BEST of Order’ or lack of it is the cause of many squabbles or rows at free and easy or karaoke events, with singers or their friends telling members of the audience to shut up.

The answer to this problem is a compulsory shepherd’s crook to be used at all karaoke and free and easy events.

Boring or lacklustre singers get a few seconds before the audience start chanting, off, off, off.

This shepherd’s crook is hooked around the offending singer’s neck and he or she is gently dragged off the stage, (assistance is given to the elderly or infirm).

All in fun of course.


Charles Street