Letters - March 9, 2011

The plans for the proposed Whyndyke Farm development on display at The Outside Inn, Blackpool.
The plans for the proposed Whyndyke Farm development on display at The Outside Inn, Blackpool.
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THE proposed plans for Whyndyke Farm development include 2,000 houses, a shop, a school, and industrial buildings.

As for the natural habitats, we have one which is Whyndyke Farm. Development of farm land should be stopped. What’s the next step?

Are they going to carry on into Kirkham down either side of the M55, after they have built fully on Marton Moss?

Where are all these people coming from to fill these developments?

Hospitals are closing down and have been demolished, why not reuse these sites, as they would be ideal.

If, as suggested, we will reach 70 million people on our small island, What are we going to eat?

Food and water shortages have been forecast in the not too distant future if we carry on building on farmland.

Build on brownfield sites, use surplus holiday accommodation, and look above shops, as they appear to be empty on their upper floors. I suggest we develop these.


Kentmere Drive


REGARDING the cavalry that stomped its way through Carleton Green (Letters February 28), their vandalism was not restricted to the play park on Farnham Way area.

I was walking my dog on the park on Tithebarn Street in Poulton when I met two horse riders entering the park.

I told them the grass was very wet after heavy rain, with water lying on top, and it may be better if they kept to the hard paths.

Their response was to go down on to the park and gallop round, spraying water and mud in all directions.

The area now looks as though the charge of the Light Brigade has been re-enacted on both sides of the tree dividing line and, to add insult to injury, one of the horses left a pile of manure in the middle of the Tarmac path leading into the park from The Avenue.

When will this mindless minority of horse riders realise their enjoyment ruins the facilities for the general public for weeks and, with the local authority cutbacks, council staff are not available to repair the damage.

Dog owners have to take their dog’s droppings home.

Why can’t horse riders do the same?

Local residents in Carleton are sick and tired of horse manure being left on pavements where horses shouldn’t be anyway.


NO surprise that, according to Minister of Justice figures released recently, 80 per cent of knife offenders avoid being sent to jail.

This is despite sentencing guidelines issued to the courts requiring knife offenders to be jailed immediately for a minimum of three months.

The courts ignore this instruction in 80 per cent of cases.

And the Coalition’s Justice Minister, Kenneth Clark, has ripped up the Tory election pledge that all knife offenders will be sent to jail.

Contrast this approach to that afforded serious criminals, including dangerous drivers, who are given laughable sentences by the courts, “because the sentencing guidelines do not allow us to impose a greater punishment”.

Double standards, compounded by hypocrisy and broken pledges.


Station Road