Letters - March 7, 2013

HEROES: Today's teachers have a very difficult job to do
HEROES: Today's teachers have a very difficult job to do
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I WAS born in Blackpool and attended St John’s CofE School from 1950, moving onto Tyldesley Girls School from 1956 to 1960.

We all had the same experience as Jon Rhodes (Gazette March 2).

We accepted punishment when needed and you never told your parents or you got another clout.

A great deal of today’s children have no discipline at home and their language is appalling.

The present day teachers who put up with this behaviour are heroes.

The situation reported recently could have been sorted with a little common sense from the social worker.

I find it utterly disgusting the teachers have to go through this ordeal.

It’s the parents and unruly kids that need punishing, not the teachers who dedicate their lives to make sure the decent kids have a good life.

They all need to be back teaching with not a blemish to their names, and let them get on with what they do best - teaching.

If you ask anyone who is interested in their child’s education, they would say discipline is the greatest factor.

Let the teachers have class control or there is no future.


Scott Close,


WELL done to the Friends of the Illuminations for coming up with new ideas to help raise cash for the Lights 
(Gazette March 6).

It makes sense to put collecting tins in holiday accommodation so visitors can easily donate.

Why not put tins in other local businesses, and then residents could contribute their spare change too.

After all, what would Blackpool be without its world-famous Illuminations?

The council is having to cut back on spending all the time, so we need more support from the town for the Lights.

How dismayed would everyone be if one day they were turned off.

I would also like to see a private sponsor come on board for the Illuminations.

Millions of people go through them each year, so surely there must be a huge opportunity for an appropriate company.

Why not ask Tesco – it might make residents feel better about them taking over the prime former Yates’s site in Talbot Square.



A BIG thank you to Blackpool Council for permission to open an ice rink in Bispham, another icon for young and old.

It will mean jobs for the unemployed and a clean environment where no drugs and alcohol are involved.

I cannot wait to get my skates on.


Ashfield Road,