Letters - March 6, 2013

Reginald Dixon.
Reginald Dixon.
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DOES this council ever get it right, with fiasco after fiasco – and now they cannot even 
get the location of the Tower Circus’s star clown correct either!

Why isn’t Charlie Cairoli’s statue going to be put on the Promenade?

And why isn’t there also a tribute to Reginald Dixon who not only was the resident organist for 40 years in the Tower Ballroom but he also continued to broadcast from 1930 up to the 1980s.

He was an international star, a columnist in a national newspaper and in addition was a DJ on Housewives Choice on the BBC.

Reginald Dixon was indeed a massive ambassador for Blackpool.

These two great Blackpool stars from the resort’s heyday should be proudly displayed where everyone can see them.


Melville Road,


I AM not in the teaching profession, thank goodness, but I am appalled at the treatment of the staff at Revoe School.

What sort of a message does it send out to other unruly pupils at the school?

Or to unruly pupils at other schools.

As I see it, from the report in the Gazette, the staff were obliged to isolate this pupil who was causing mayhem.

Supposing this child had injured other children?

What an outcry there would have been.

People would have asked why the staff did not take any 
action which would have prevented the injury to another 

So there we have it.

Unruly pupils must not be disciplined but teachers are expected to maintain discipline.


CAN I through your paper inform any readers looking for a care home that offers both excellent care and accommodation for dementia sufferers to visit Chaseside.

It is in our experience that many homes offer one or the other but very few offer both, especially for those suffering severe symptoms.

However we visited Chaseside rest home in St George’s Square, St Anne’s.

The home is clean and warm, nicely furnished and the residents enjoy a programme of enjoyable stimulation that is fun and inclusive for all – no just sitting in a chair here.

The staff are friendly, professional and obviously enjoy what they do.

You can rest assured that your loved ones will be well looked after


St Martin’s Road,