Letters - March 5, 2014

BUS LANE Central Drive, between New Bonny Street and Reads Avenue, Blackpool
BUS LANE Central Drive, between New Bonny Street and Reads Avenue, Blackpool
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Central drive


It’s not hard to envisage future traffic congestion as the new southbound bus lane along Central Drive (between Albert Road and Reads Avenue) creates a knock-on effect when there is now only one lane for northbound traffic into Blackpool.

When Blackpool FC are playing at home the mass exodus of traffic is already gridlocked as they all leave so how bad will it be now?

Then there is the Illuminations Switch-On... can you imagine?

Then the World Firework Championships, when traffic has already been backed up to Palatine Road with two northbound lanes but now with one lane we’re likely to see a back-up way past Cordon Beach petrol station at least.

One thing we’re supposedly guaranteed though is if you take the bus, it’ll be on time, ha!.....wanna bet?

Best of luck with it all but there’ll be complaints so watch this space!

Clifford Chambers

Ashton Road


* Unfortunately the new bus lane on Central Drive will prove to be another controversial debacle and create further traffic congestion by forcing more vehicles and HGVs on to the crumbling Promenade.

The build up of traffic before the entry points to the bus lane (in both directions) will have buses trapped behind all vehicles not permitted to use the bus lane.

It is all well and good in theory to speculate a saving of three minutes running time for the buses, but there is no point losing six minutes queuing to reach the bus lane.

In business if you buy something for £3 it makes sense to sell it for £6, not the other way around.

Stephen Pierre

Abingdon Street


Bedroom tax madness


I agree wholeheartedly with Peter Ritchie’s comments on this ridiculous situation regarding the bedroom tax and this poor couple in Southport (Politically Correct February 26).

What sort of pathetic idiots are imposing this rule without giving their ‘victims’ any sort of consideration as to their own specific needs?

This couple need more sympathy to their requirements and not just a blanket ‘these are the rules” attitude to a law designed specifically to yet again bash the impoverished and as in this case, the needy.

Yes there are people out there who are abusing the system and living in properties over and above their requirements.

Why cannot these civil servant buffoons target them and not the genuinely needy?.

Because they do not have the brain power to consider, let alone make such decisions.

David Nicholls

Elder Close


Healthcare assessments

Not missed

The decision by Atos Healthcare to get out early from its contract with the Government to provide Work Capability Assessments will be welcomed by anyone who had the misfortune to go through one.

The decision by the Department for Work and Pensions to put all repeat assessments on hold, albeit unfortunately only temporarily, also offers a welcome respite for tens of thousands of disabled and sick people.

Action for ME, the UK’s leading charity for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), sometimes diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, recently published a report based on a survey of ME patients’ experiences of the Atos assessment process.

Among the finding were, only 13.4 per cent said the healthcare professional from Atos understood their condition, of those allowed to see a copy of the Atos report on their face-to-face assessment more than 82 per cent said it was not an accurate reflection of the answers they gave, 92 per cent said the process caused stress and made their condition worse, and fewer than a third felt the healthcare professional from Atos asked about all the symptoms that affected their ability to work.

Atos will not be missed. Is it too much to hope for that its replacement will be fit for purpose?

Sonya Chowdhury

Chief Executive

Action for M.E.


OAP tram travel

Dead end?

It is absolutely out of the question for pensioners to lose free tram travel to Cleveleys and Fleetwood

The response from Wyre, and other councils should be immediately to condemn this outrageous imposition.

Fleetwood and Cleveleys had to endure many disruptions during the reinstatement of the tramway, plus contributions were made in time and labour to support the tramway.

If Wyre were to charge rent for the track through its land, we would all be on track to a dead end because the track would finish at the Blackpool border.

Mr G. Stanley

Rossall Promenade