Letters - March 4, 2013

CCTV room at Blackpool Central Police HQ. Cameras focussed on the Big One and Tower.
CCTV room at Blackpool Central Police HQ. Cameras focussed on the Big One and Tower.
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A SUM of £187,000 on CCTV seems a paltry amount to save when you consider the massive spend on furniture and all the other goodies the council will want when their new edifice is ready.

The switch off of cameras will bring forth a bag snatcher’s beano and the problems that will bring to the older folk and mean once again we will see shop security staff chasing thieves through the streets when they chance their luck in local shops.

Why are we wasting £2.1m on breakfasts for primary school children when I hear goodie bags are coming out of these schools every afternoon as the food is not being eaten, and that some kids are stuffing down two breakfasts and then wasting their lunch.

Why did Coun Simon Blackburn insist every child was fed when only a small percentage come from feckless homes where they don’t care about their kids?

No one wants to demean a child from a bad family but the waste of taxpayers money here is horrendous.

If Coun Blackburn thinks these free breakfasts are vote catchers, I suggest he thinks again and looks closer to home to save money without taking jobs from good workers.

I can see all this falling down round his ears one day soon.


Charnley Road,


I WOULD like to thank the staff at The Victoria Hospital, especially Dr Alberto Elbo and his wonderful team who were so kind, considerate, attentive and so efficient for my operation for my Carmel Tunnel Release on my hand.

As a piano keyboard player I was so concerned due to my profession, and yet these lovely people not only put me at ease but did a brilliant job….so thank you all so very much. I can now play the ‘Birdy Song’ so much easier, thank you.


Blackpool Road,


THE relative of one of the suspended staff of Revoe Primary School is quoted as saying :‘Staff are constantly asking for direction and strategy to implement to deal with certain types of behaviour because they just do not know what to do.’ (Gazette February 27)

According to Every Child Matters, ‘Some professionals working with children have no routine training in child development, child protection or domestic violence issues and frontline staff often lack awareness of specialist issues like mental health, special educational needs and substance misuse.’

Training and advice should be provided by a school’s senior staff, though other staff should have the nous to seek out what they need.

There’s all sorts of behaviour management advice available on the Times Educational Supplement’s website provided by experienced teachers, useful for school staff and parents alike.


A SHORT while ago I was surprised when several members of the Blackpool Council planning committee ignored the advice of their officers when they approved the application for an ice rink on the old TVR site.

Setting aside the need to retain a land bank for industrial usage, the officers had earlier indicated to the committee that 147 parking spaces would be an optimum figure given the size and location of the new venture.

It would seem councillors approved the application notwithstanding the fact there would only be 106 allocated spaces.

I understand the car park at the Cleveleys Ice Rink is sometimes in overflow on a hockey night.

Given their experience, a 200 car parking requirement would be nearer the mark.

I was further surprised the planning committee also ignored the advice of their chairman when they failed to have pre discussions with their officers with regard to the conditions that would need to be applied to the planning consent.

The obvious conclusion being that the members had failed to do their homework and arrived at the meeting completely unprepared for the task in hand.

Should the development proceed, I have no doubt those who use Bristol Avenue on a regular basis and in particular those people living in the immediate vicinity will all have a lot to say when the traffic disruption begins.


THE “rationale’ behind the EU Biocide Directive is based on banning substances on the grounds they have not been tested and shown to be safe.

Yet the UK is not allowed by EU rules to ban imports of meat, in the wake of the horse meat scandal, unless the meat poses a safety risk.

How about the same philosophy is adopted as with biocides and we assume the imported meat is not safe until proven to be so?

The French blatantly ignored the EU after mad cow disease fears and banned our beef for three years without penalty. Perhaps we should do the same and make the safety of our citizens paramount.


UKIP North West MEP