Letters - March 31, 2015

Blackpool Airport showing the enterprise zone area in red
Blackpool Airport showing the enterprise zone area in red
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Equipment auction is cause for concern

Airport Auction

Grave concerns

I did have my concerns when Blackpool Airport was closed at a very short notice and stated at the time if we don’t find a buyer within a very short while it will be gone.

Now concerns over selling of necessary equipment such as Houchins GPUs and 6x6 fire engines are not a good sign.

As I did mention last year, the airport plays a vital role in our local economy we need every single opportunity of the job to be generated not having big organisations to be closed off.

As Blackpool is already known for unemployment and a benefit culture, for example, people are coming from the Midlands and down south because housing is cheaper here as compared to the other big cities.

I think local government should look into these affairs very carefully to keep the airport active and effective.

As general elections are approaching I think all candidates are taking interest in this matter so should the local councillors.

We don’t need another housing development as one is being developed literally next door at the former Pontins site. We need to attract more investors on the Fylde coast to eliminate the poverty factor in the long run as more and more people are approaching the food bank .

More and permanent jobs are the solution to a stable local economy.

M Jamil

St Annes

Airport auction

Enterprise cash

Balfour Beatty must be confident of getting loads of money thanks to the Enterprize Zone. That’s the only reason I can think that they are flogging off the equipment at Blackpool Airport , because they think they’ll have tohe cash to replace it all in the future when they attract new airlines.

B Smith


Respect for police

Time to back force

It is no wonder Police morale is low. Seaside towns like Blackpool inherit a larger than average caseload of antisocial behaviour from tourists and the challenge of dealing with problematic and transient families.

With such savage austerity cuts it is inevitable pressure is placed on police resources yet public expectations remain the same. The day in the life of a police officer is unpredictable and are often placed in difficult and dangerous situations.

But unpaid Police Community Support Officers cannot be expected to compensate the roles of fully trained full-time police officers.

PCSO’s should be looked upon as a welcomed boost to frontline police presence.

Equally, police budget resources need to be apportioned and spent wisely.

The controversial ‘Plebgate’ case shamefully cost tens of thousands of pounds involving a minor altercation with an MP.

It is highly likely every serving and retired police officer in the UK have been called unprintable names far worse than ‘Pleb’ on a regular basis.

Learning to respect the police from an early age, regardless of your background is essential to building better communities.

Stephen Pierre

Topping Street

Party delight

Support local shops

I wish to say “a big thank you” to the hidden gem in Thornton “a little something” tea rooms.

Nothing is too much trouble for the owner Janet.

On Friday and Saturday she made all the cupcakes and scones for my daughter’s third birthday parties.

We received lots of compliments to say how delicious they were – especially the cherry scones.

So if you are ever in Thornton village its a must to pop in for a cuppa and cake.

Very reasonable prices and always happy to oblige.

Lets support local business!

Sharon Parsons


General election

Important votes

David Cameron’s repeated promise this week to catch ‘Jihadi John’ “Dead or Alive” reminds us of George W Bush’s gun totin’ sherriff political style.

He is less keen to expand on the cuts, recent and planned, to the Army, security services and police who might be expected to capture him.

All terrorists should be brought to justice, but let us hope no service personnel are to be put in harm’s way to help an election campaign.

The tone of that campaign is now being set.

Voters are being offered more choices than ever before, even if they might wish for simpler ones.

The local strength of support for single issue parties like the Greens suggests that the time might come soon to look again at proportional representation, so that their legitimate and powerful arguments might get properly heard in Parliament.

This election, though, will be fought under the current system, and in May, after whatever horse dealing, either Labour or the Conservatives will form some sort of Government.

Failing to vote, no matter how fed up you are with party politics, just means that 
someone else gets to choose for you.

Bob Denmark

Labour campaign group for Garstang