Letters - March 30

Entertainer Tommy Steele
Entertainer Tommy Steele
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IT started on the Memory Lane page several weeks ago, with information I supplied about John Barry’s Blackpool appearance.

Since then several correspondents have been asking: When and where?

For the record, the John Barry Seven played in 24 concerts at the old Palace Theatre in the summer of 1957. It was, therefore, John’s first Blackpool summer season; albeit a short one.

It was The Tommy Steele Show, afternoons only, Monday to Saturday, for four weeks from mid-July to mid-August.

Trumpeter (later famous movie composer) John Barry and his group were billed second in prominence to Tommy Steele.

The show needed little promotion because Tommy was the hottest box office star in Britain at the time. There were no printed programmes and just an occasional two-line mention in the Tower Company’s nightly half-page adverts in The Gazette.


Stage historian

South Shore

SO police horses will patrol hotspot areas for crime as part of a crackdown on lead theft, and will stop and search suspected offenders (Gazette, March 28).

They’ll certainly keep everyone on their mettle, won’t they?

We must all pull our weight in these difficult times. Perhaps the beach donkeys could be recruited as PCSOs?


Laurel Avenue,


I WOULD like to thank the PDSA for all the care and attention over the years looking after my dog Ben.

The decision I made on Monday March 21 to put him to sleep was a big decision, but for the best, as he was very ill.

The vet and assistant were very good and understanding.

Once again, many thanks.


Drakelowe Avenue


WHAT was the council thinking of to let our Solarium cafe go to private enterprise?

We used to enjoy our trip there for a coffee and snack in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Now it is like sitting in a barn.

The doors are wide open, it is cold and draughty, and you have to keep your coat on while sitting.

I am sure we regulars would have preferred a rise in prices and our friendly staff in a warm cosy environment.

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